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5 Reasons You Should Travel

5 Reasons You Should Travel in 2023

5 reasons you should travel in 2023, The first step toward getting somewhere is to decide that you will not stay where you are. The world was too big to spend a lifetime in one place.

There are so many cultures to discover, so many people to meet, so many flavors to try, and so many beautiful places that our eyes can see. I have always been interested in what life was like elsewhere.

Travel in 2023

What Do you Think about “Travel”? 

Ok, here you go. I will tell you about my journey of traveling started. Well, I started traveling alone in 2021, I randomly decided to book a flight at night, and tomorrow morning I have a flight to Bali.

I don’t know why what makes me crazy to make this decision, and I make it. Because I’m from Indonesia, I will start my destination from Jakarta in Bali in 2021. Just a reminder to travel the world.

Don’t wait until you’re-you’re older and feel more “financially secure” go while you’re typing, see what it has to offer, go somewhere by yourself, let travel shape you and teach you, meet new people, take pictures, see what’s out there.

First of all, you can learn what you don’t know while traveling alone and don’tdon’t know what to do in a new place, country, or culture, don’t worry, I’veI’ve some tips for you, and I’mI’m a newbie also.

1. Learning a New Skill

Learning a new skill s always fun! If you are a child, the things you hear, see, and do are shaping you, right kids, come home saying things they’ve never heard before. It’s amazing, and as an adult, you must crack into the neural circuity and reshape it.
I’m an introverted person that I shy in public, and not anymore.

After I decide to book a flight, and at that time, I have to covid a test and research everything, including the rules of how to get there by plane, count for budget, where I stay, is the place nearby the pharmacy. There are 5 reasons you should travel in 2023.

Travel in 2023
Painting – SUBBURN.COM
Travel in 2023
Painting – SUBBURN.COM

restaurant or something like that. I had to check everything and I just brought small luggage with my favorite kinds of stuff and just go. Check these articles if you need some recommendations for food restaurants in Indonesia.

Best Vegan Restaurants in Bali.

Best Budget Restaurant that you must Visit in Bali.

There is some recommendations

scuba diving, cooking, paragliding, snorkeling, hiking, pottery, and many things that you like most.

2. Exploring Local Food

Exploring Local Food is the best thing to do when traveling in 2023. Being a foodie, I love to try out the local cuisine. Without the local food, traveling is incomplete for me.
Let’s try another food from a different city, country, or anything, and you can find new tastes and get other information from the seller.

Also, check this for Exploring Local Food in Indonesia.

Sometimes local food is the best way to try because you can get more information like ingredients, how they cook, or probably some local food have meaning and how to eat properly. One of the best travel in 2023.

3. Making New Friends

When you travel and backpack, you always meet new people and start exploring that place with them, eventually turning into new friendships that last for life.
If you travel alone, you need someone to talk to or explore together.

It can be easy to share a budget, so your budget is cheaper, and if you won’t take a photo or video, at least you have someone to help you get the memories. Making new friends from another country also teaches you more about language, behavior, and character, and if you find the same vibes, it can be great and connect with each other.

Especially if you have a best friend, you can travel more, do some crazy things together, and make beautiful memories. That time can’t replace the vibes.

Travel in 2023

4. Getting Out of your Comfort Zone

It is the best way to grow! Trust me, doing things you never thought would be life-changing. Because at that time, I lived with my parent, and sometimes I couldn’t handle myself to be self-sufficient.

For example, I can’t cook some food that I like, so I need my mom or my sister to cook my food; I can’t go there because I don’t know how to go there, and many things I depend on people for simple things, but it’s good if you need help, but if I can’t do just for simple things, how can I live without my parent or my sister in the future?

So I’ve tried to get out of my comfort zone, and it’s also really good for me to do that and organize everything alone. Because in my case (my family) not common when you are an adult now, but you still get treated like a child, I know they are giving their love for their child, but it’s hard to grow (this depends on the people).

I’m not saying this isn’t good, but I just share my experience. Sometimes comfort zone makes me stuck, and I can’t find a way to grow.

5. Expanding Perspective in Life

When you experience so many things, you grow as a person and start reliving moments and appreciating smaller things in life. Travel can help you gain a lot of perspective in life, be it towards a palace, person, situation, or even yourself.

Travel in 2023


Even though many things have not been achieved in the past year, this year is your opportunity to explore new worlds, new environments, and new experiences that you have never had in your previous life. Let’s build our future with what we want and not just be stuck in 1 place. Travel in 2023 is your choice.

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