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Local street food in Indonesia - Bali

Must Try – Local Street Food in Indonesia – Bali

Do you want to try local street food in Indonesia – Bali? or this is the first time you visit Bali? So you need to know this first before you try it.

Local Food in Indonesia

The thing you have to know is whether the food is spicy or not because the majority of Indonesian cuisine has a spicy taste, so it may not be suitable for you.

In this information, we will summarize what foods foreigners usually try when exploring the culinary world of street food in Indonesia.

Local street food in Indonesia - Bali
Local street food in Indonesia – Bali

1. Nasi Jinggo

Nasi Jingo is usually found in spicy side dishes, such as shredded chicken. Ask the seller if you want a less spicy taste.

In Nasi Jinggo there are side dishes such as shredded chicken, noodles, beans, and vegetables. The portion is not too much and the price is also very cheap, only IDR 5,000.

Usually, jinggo rice can be found in Bali, and the menu choices include chicken, beef, and pork. At least you can try it one time and you will be surprised by the taste.

Nasi Jinggo
Nasi Jinggo

2. Mie Ayam

You can find chicken noodles anywhere, very easy to find if you travel around Indonesia there must be a seller of this food menu.

One of the favorite menus from children to adults. This chicken noodle contains chicken pieces, mushrooms, vegetables, and chicken noodle special spices.

Prices on this food menu are very varied, depending on where you buy it, starting at IDR5000 to IDR50.000, and you can find easily local street food in Indonesia -Bali.

Mie ayam - chicken noodle
Mie ayam – chicken noodle

3. Pecel Ayam/ Lele

Pecel Ayam is a food menu that is highly recommended to try, the basic ingredients of the food are fried chicken, or fried fish too.

This cooking menu is easy to find on every street corner, or even in some homes opening this food business.

As for the appearance, it’s not that attractive, but you must try it if you visit Indonesia.

pecel ayam - lele
pecel ayam – lele

4. Ketoprak or Gado Gado

food made from peanut sauce, which usually local Indonesian people prefer this food with a spicy taste.

The basic ingredients are vegetables and there are various kinds of toppings in it, such as lontong, tofu, tempeh, fried foods, and chicken eggs.

This food menu is also found on the side of the road, and usually, this price starts from IDR10.000 – IDR30.000.

ketoprak - Gado Gado
ketoprak – Gado Gado

5. Martabak

Martabak is a local snack that is loved by many people, usually, when gathering with friends.

This menu can be found in the evening before 4 pm until late at night. There are many kinds of Martabak, such as chicken, beef, or sweet Martabak.


6. Lumpia/ Pecel Sayur

Want to enjoy the sunset with an Indonesian food menu? you can try this Lumpia menu on the beach by payingIDR 5.000-IDR10.000, you can already enjoy both.

This menu is usually sold and can be found on the beach, the containers used are also very local, such as using banana leaves.

This food ingredient is made from several types of fried foods that are cut into small pieces, and sprinkled with special spring roll spices and there are also a few vegetables in it.

Pecel sayur
Pecel sayur

7. Sucking Pig

Do you like meat food? this is one of the characteristics of Balinese food that is much loved by local people.

Maybe you are one of those who like this food menu, made from roasted pork and processed with coca cola, yaa coca cola. surprised isn’t it?

Try it once in a while if you are in Bali, it is very easy to find and you can ask which places to eat are the best-selling in the area.

suckling pig
suckling pig

8. Bakso

Meatballs are made from beef or chicken, but the majority of these meatball sellers use beef.

This meatball menu is in great demand by many people, and the price starts from IDR 10,000 – IDR 50,000, the price for street food is usually around IDR 10,000.

Bakso meatball
Bakso meatball

9. Roller Fried Egg

Food or snacks in Indonesia are mostly fried foods, you can try them from time to time even though they are not healthy but have a unique and delicious taste for Indonesians.

This egg roll is one of the roadside snacks commonly found in schools. The students love these egg rolls, although not healthy but always a favourite.

This basic ingredient is made from eggs mixed with a little flour so that it can be rolled up with a tied wooden stick, then added with salt and served with a spicy sauce.

roller fried egg
roller fried egg

10. Kue Rangi

This Rangi cake is a unique dish made from coconut and topped with melted brown sugar, whether served warm or freshly cooked.

There are not many sellers for this food, but the taste of this Rangi cake is very unique. try local street food in Indonesia – Bali.

kue rangi
kue rangi

11. Kue Cucur

This Cucur cake can be found in the morning, or if you visit the local market, you can try this cake and eat it right away.

This cake uses a fried technique, its shape is round and the edges are crispy.

Cucur cake
Cucur cake

12. Cimol or Cireng Bandung

Cimol originating from Bandung, West Java, is also one of everyone’s favorite snacks, even the price of this cimol varies so there are sellers who make premium cimol.

Made from tapioca flour, and some special spices. Then served with chili powder, and corn flavored powder, bbq, spicy, salty, balado, try this so you won’t be curious.

cimol or cireng Bandung
cimol or cireng Bandung

Final Thought

You can find this seller in various places or throughout Indonesia, not only in Bali. Indonesian food actually has many kinds of flavors and of course most foods have a spicy taste.

Before you order or buy, make sure you ask and ask not to be spicy, because you will feel burned.

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