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How to travel thailand

Best Things To Do In Thailand


Bangkok Thailand 2022 SUBBURN.COM
Bangkok Thailand 2022 SUBBURN.COM

On 1st July 2022, to enter Thailand without making any application online for most countries, you don’t even need to apply for a visa, and they will give you 30 days at arrival.

Thailand is undoubtedly one of the most popular travel destinations in Southeast Asia. Especially travelers who visit the so-called “Land of Smiles” for the first time are overwhelmed by the incredible variety of fantastic attractions and many things to do in Thailand.

In Thailand, people are amiable, and the food is delicious, but if you want to go to the local market or use a tuk-tuk ( public transportation), you have to ask about the price. Bali is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world and the best tourist place in Bali. So many hidden beach places to explore. If you plan to go to Bali, ensure not to during the peak holiday season because it will crowd people and traffic everywhere.

So, Bali is still the most popular destination for foreign and domestic also. If you want more about what to do in Bali – Ubud, check this.

Pratunam market  street food - Thailand-SUBBURN.COM
Pratunam market street food – SUBBURN.COM
Bangkok - Thailand- SUBBURN.COM

Best Time to Visit Thailand

When you have planned a holiday with your friends and your family or want to move to Thailand, this is the right time to visit and stay here. January till April is the best time to see here because the beach’s weather and viewpoint are clear.

During monsoon, start from July – October, and make sure you have a list of places and must-try street food in Thailand, so check this out for your bucket list.


Are you looking for the best things to do in Thailand?

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Best Instagramable spots in Thailand

Explore Bangkok

So let’s start in Bangkok, the capital city, where you can find traffic jams, noise, pollution, and crowd. If you want to explore the capital city, this is your place to explore many unique things you can explore more.

However, the total number of foreign citizens living in Thailand is estimated to be between 3–4 million, with the vast majority coming from the neighboring countries of Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam. I have prepared this guide on what to do in Bangkok and its surroundings; you can see attractions around the city.

What to Do in Bangkok:

  • Grand Palace
  • Wat Phra Chetuphon (Wat Pho)
  • Wat Arun Ratchawararam
  • China Town
  • Chatuchak weekend market
  • Wat Saket (Golden Mount)
  • Siam District
  • Jodd fairs
  • Pratunam market
  • Sanctuary of Truth Museum

Grand Palace

You have to visit this if you are in Bangkok to witness this place’s sheer magnitude and craftsmanship. In this vast place, so be prepared for the long walk. Be aware of the dress code, and you are not allowed to visit with sleeveless shirts or half pants. There is a sense of serenity and grandeur in this place. Do not miss out if you’re in Bangkok.

Google maps

The Grand Palace Thailand - SUBBURN.COM
From front at Grand Palace – SUBBURN.COM
The Grand Palace Thailand - SUBBURN.COM
From Beside at Grand Palace -SUBBURN.COM
The Grand Palace Thailand - SUBBURN.COM
From the corner at Grand palace -SUBBURN.COM

Wat Phra Chetuphon (Wat Pho)

Visit Wat Pho during the Great Buddha Night is fantastic. The ceremony is open to the public until 20h30. The location is fascinating with the color of the pottery and the ceramic decoration under the best lighting. This place shows the influence of multiple cultures in Thai art, such as Hindu, Indian, Chinese, European, and Persian. It’s a stunning Thai garden style, and traditional bending trees decorate the area.

Google maps

Wat Phra Chetuphon (Wat Pho)  - Reclining Buddha - SUBBURN.COM
Reclining Buddha – SUBBURN.COM
Wat Phra Chetuphon (Wat Pho) - SUBBURN.COM
From beside at Wat Phra – SUBBURN.COM
Wat Phra Chetuphon (Wat Pho) - SUBBURN.COM

Wat Arun Ratchawararam

This temple is the highlight of Bangkok and maybe Thailand, and rightly so. The site is compact, so during busy tourist hours, and also very crowded. However better to visit early in the morning or just before sunset as the air is more chill. In this place is a magnificent temple in the heart of Bangkok. You can reach the temple quickly and cheaply by boat.

Google maps


China Town

One of the best Chinatowns in the world with delicious street food, and there are many food choices here. It is a suitable option to come at night instead of during the daytime, and the vibes here are vivacious; it gets very crowded at night. You can see some of the food stalls have a particularly long queue. It is teeming with history. Full of vibe and truly stunning.

Google Maps: China Town

China Town - SUBURN.COM
China Town - SUBURN.COM
Ambiance at China town SUBURN.COM
China Town - SUBURN.COM
Local shop – China Town – SUBURN.COM

Chatuchak Weekend Market

If you are looking for street food or shopping at a low price, here is your place, you will find almost everything you would want out of a Thai market as a tourist here and also the vibe is excellent, and the clothes selection is fantastic, and the food is spectacular. So easily accessible from MRT and BTS. So this is one of the must-visit in the city.

Google Maps: Chatuchak Weekend Market

Chatucak weekend market - SUBBURN.COM
From in front of Chatuchak -SUBBURN.COM
Chatucak market - SUBBURN.COM
From inside at Chatchucak – SUBBURN.COM
Chatucak market - SUBBURN.COM
Street food at Chatuchak – SUBBURN.COM

Golden Mount

A temple is necessary to visit at the time of a visit to Bangkok. Still, it is not very known, and the location in height dominates the city with a spectacular panoramic sight. It’s necessary to climb a certain number of steps, but at each “plateau,” one attends something of magic.

Google Maps: Wat Saket (Golden Mount)

The Gold Mount Wat Saket - SUBBURN.COM
Gold Mount - SUBBURN.COM
Gold Mount – SUBBURN.COM

Siam Square

If you are looking for a beautiful place with lots to do, there are many restaurants and stores. And good to spend some time here with a lovely outdoor street fair vibe, and the open area is an excellent place to walk around. So this place is recommended if you are looking for wooden home deco, stationery, kitchenware, gifts or souvenirs, food, and good brands.

Google Maps: Siam Square

During the night at Siam Square – SUBBURN.COM
Siam Square -SUBBURN.COM
Songkran Day – SUBBURN.COM
Festival Siam Square- SUBBURN.COM - SUBBURN.COM
Festival – SUBBURN.COM

Jodd Fairs

The old train market is bigger and better with more varieties, but more for the retail side, and the new place is about 60% food and 40% retail. So great ambiance with a live band and a lot of food choices, and is good if you are looking for a place to chill and have some food/drinks, and if you are looking to do some shopping, also this is must visit a site to Jodd fair.

Google Maps: Jodd Fairs

Jodd Fair - Street food - Best things to do in Thailand- - SUBBURN.COM
Jodd Fair - Street food - SUBBURN.COM
Jodd Fair - Street food - SUBBURN.COM

Pratunam Market

Pratunam Market is the place to explore if you are looking for street food. The best time to visit is on weekend nights for the best rates. If you are looking for a good bargain in terms of price and quality, this is the right place also and very affordable price.

Google Maps: Pratunam Market

Pratunam Market - Best things to do in Thailand-  SUBBURN.COM
Pratunam Market - Best things to do in Thailand- SUBBURN.COM
Pratunam Market - Best things to do in Thailand-

Sanctuary of Truth Museum

Suppose you are looking for a unique museum and an exciting place to visit and explore. It looks like a temple, but it’s a museum with many wooden sculptures featuring ethics, truth, social norms, and philosophies about human life. You must follow the guided tour, which will take around 45 minutes. The museum is on the beach and definitely worth to visit.

Sanctuary Of Truth - SUBBURN.COM
Sanctuary Of Truth – SUBBURN.COM

Final Thought

In Thailand, you can find many places and many dishes to explore, many unique spots and hidden spots in Thailand, and never book activities with a random agency, and to be sure to choose a safe agency, you should book your activities in advance. It isn’t expensive, and you will surely use a reliable agency.

If you are looking for another place to visit in Thailand, check this for your bucket list.

Also, check out if you want to explore another country with a beautiful island – Indonesia. Have you been to Thailand and thought I forgot something on this list of things to do in the Thailand article? If so, leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you.


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