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Best Vegan Restaurants in Canggu Bali 2024

Are you looking for the best vegan restaurants in Canggu, Bali? I’ve got you covered! Before conducting some research, I didn’t consider Bali or the Canggu area to be particularly vegan-friendly. However, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Bali is a paradise for vegan food enthusiasts – the island of the gods when it comes to plant-based options. There are so many vegan restaurants in Canggu, Bali, that you may find it challenging to decide which one to try.

Top Vegan Restaurants in Canggu Bali

Canggu has now emerged as a hub for foreign tourists who opt to live, vacation, and embrace it as part of their lifestyle. Numerous cafes, bars, and restaurants in the Canggu area now offer a wide variety of vegan food. We’ve compiled a list of must-visit locations for anyone in Canggu seeking vegan cuisine.

Here is the list of the best vegan restaurants in Canggu, Bali, complete with prices and other details.

Sista Dumpling (Vegan Dumpling)

Sista Dumpling in Canggu, Bali, is one of my favorite Chinese restaurants in Bali. It features a blend of Cantonese style with some fusion from mainland China. Prices range from IDR 60,000 to IDR 75,000.

As expected, the steamed dumplings were terrific, and the fried ones were delightful—crispy and juicy. Rest assured, this place strives to make everyone’s experience as unique as possible

Visit For Menu: Sista Dumpling

Operational Hours: Open Daily 3.00 – 11.00 pm

Address: Sista Dumpling

Sista dumpling vegan food canggu - subburn.com
Sista Dumpling – SUBBURN.COM

Goji Goji Vegan Bowl

Goji Goji is on the list of the best vegan restaurants in Canggu Bali. Most affordable vegan place in the area. Highly recommended. So tasty! Very fresh, clean, and healthy food and very fair prices too. Range price IDR28.000 – IDR50.000.

Super customer service as well. The place where many options of foods are available, exactly like the food court, where locals and foreigners are blended.

Visit For Menu: Goji Goji Vegan Bowl

Goji Goji - vegan food canggu - subburn.com
Goji Goji Vegan Bowl – SUBBURN.COM

I Am Vegan Babe

I Am Vegan, Babe. It has a cute name, but it’s not just hype—offering delicious vegan dishes. The decor is lovely and provides a calm ambiance. There are two dining areas: the ground floor and the second floor. The upstairs area is suitable for reading a book and chilling. Prices range from IDR 75,000 to IDR 100,000.

I Am Vegan Babe is a small hidden gem, and the food, smoothies, and desserts are excellent. The ambiance is quite cozy, and their pastries and savory breakfasts are unique, tasting like non-vegan food but are entirely plant-based.

Visit For Menu: I Am Vegan Babe

I am vegan babe - vegan food canggu - subburn.com
I Am Vegan Babe – SUBBURN.COM

Milk and Madu

Milk and Madu are bustling, super-popular restaurants, and for a good reason. I highly recommend the breakfast, which comes in a significant portion—a must-visit place for weekend brunch with your friends or family. Beware of the busy hours between 12-2 pm; many seats can get crowded on weekends. Prices range from IDR 50,000 to IDR 100,000.

The place is quite spacious, and they have a small backyard playground. The beautiful presentation and taste are delightful too. We especially love the live music band; the song choices and vocals are excellent. The place has no air conditioning (but the toilet does); it’s an open space and is kid-friendly.

Visit For Menu: Milk and Madu

Milk and Madu - vegan food canggu - subburn.com
Milk and Madu – SUBBURN.COM

Falafel Temple

Falafel Temple is a jewel in the Canggu food jungle. I highly recommend the favorite menu items: pitta falafel and hummus, mutabal fatouche, mezze, and more. The mezze platter is only IDR 100,000, and everything is vegetarian, with prices ranging from IDR 75,000 to 100,000.

Portions are enormous and tasty—this is the best restaurant in Bali to enjoy Lebanese food, all plant-based. It’s a place worth trying.

Visit For Menu: Falafel Temple

Falafel temple - vegan food canggu - subburn.com
Falafel Temple – SUBBURN.COM

Shady Shack

Shady Shack is a cute and cozy space with bohemian chairs and benches in a leafy outdoor area, offering a menu of nutritious creations in all colors of the rainbow, from burgers to bowls, mains, and shareable dishes.

It’s a vegan food heaven, with lots of choices either fully vegan or with a creative twist. The place is perfect for all-day breakfast and brunch, but there are also plenty of options for lunch and dinner. The food is not only delicious but also highly Instagrammable. Don’t miss the grated hole coconut. It’s easy to locate, with a nice parking lot for your scooter.

Visit For Menu: Shady Shack.

The Shady Shack - vegan food canggu - subburn.com
Shady Shack – SUBBURN.COM

The Sloth Bali

Sloth Bali is renowned for its smoothies, bowls, and vegan menus. It’s a combined hotel and restaurant located in one place. The restaurant offers pretty good WiFi and a spacious area upstairs where you can hang out for an extended period and work.

The backyard pool is stunning and provides a private atmosphere. The attached café is quite niche as it exclusively serves vegan dishes. Prices range from IDR 50,000 to IDR 80,000.

Visit For Menu: The Sloth Bali

The Sloth Bali - vegan food canggu - subburn.com

Pels Supershop

Pels Supershop is a quaint, modern hipster place with aesthetically pleasing food. It is genuinely nice and welcoming. The vegan food is delightful, and the staff is friendly and always gentle.

It’s a great spot for brunch, vegan gluten-free options in Canggu, and a place to work. However, it can get crowded around lunchtime, so it’s advisable to avoid the crowd during that period.

Visit For Menu: Pels Supershop

pelssupershop - vegan food canggu - subburn.com
Pels Supershop – SUBBURN.COM

Good Mantra

Plant-based soul food with a rooftop community space. The place is super cozy with friendly staff and free-flowing water. A relaxing atmosphere, even with the road very close in front. Prices range from IDR 125,000.

This place also offers plant-based coffee with nice vibes and a great seating combination. Try some recommended items from the menu. It’s a plant-based restaurant with craft cocktails and coffee.

Visit For Menu: Good Mantra.

Good Mantra - vegan food canggu - subburn.com
Good Mantra – SUBBURN.COM

Manggis in Canggu

Manggis in Canggu is located at the center of attraction in the Canggu area, on the same street as Riviera and Festive Supermarket, with Berawa Beach nearby. They’ve designed the place to feel like a true friendly nature setting, with a big fan providing clean and gentle wind without any AC.

All the food is vegan, mouthwatering, and reasonably priced. The parking area is spacious, accommodating 3 cars and bikes. Prices range from IDR 100,000 to IDR 125,000. I recommend trying the house bowl salad and katsu rice.

View For Menu: Manggis in Canggu

Manggis in Canggu - vegan food - subburn.com
Manggis in Canggu – SUBBURN.COM

Sauce Tree

Sauce Tree is definitely a comfortable and cozy place, offering a variety of plant-based food choices. The prices here are also quite affordable. If you come here, try ordering the Sauce Tree Double Chiz Burger, a mainstay on the menu. The burger portions here are also large, with prices starting from IDR 35,000 to IDR 100,000.

Visit for the menu: Sauce Tree

saucetree - vegan food canggu - subburn.com

Amami Italian Vegan Restaurant

Yummy vegan Italian food. The dough for the pizzas and calzone is sooo delicious and also the staff is also so friendly and attentive.

Burgreens Canggu

Burgreens Canggu yang memiliki sejumlah opsi makanan vegan dan rasa makanannya juga tak kalah enak dengan resto lainnya, Burgreens juga memiliki cabang yang ada di Jakarta. Tenang saja disini juga pastinya memiliki spot tempat yang gak kalah unik juga tentunya. Harganya mulai dari 20ribu sampai 120 ribu.

Visit for the menu: Burgreens Canggu

Burgreens Canggu - Subburn.com

Final Thought

Here I share the list of the best Best Vegan Restaurants in Canggu Bali that you should visit. Highly recommend this place, one of my favorite vegan places in Canggu.

Well, if you need more information about something to explore in Bali, click here.

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