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Songkran Day Thailand 2023

Songkran Festival 2024 [Must To Do]

The Songkran Festival in 2024 is an exciting celebration of Thai culture, and it’s a major event for the whole nation. This lively occasion will last for three days, starting from Saturday, April 13, 2024, to Monday, April 15, 2024. However, it’s worth noting that locals often stretch out the festivities for 3 to 7 days! This festival warmly invites both locals and tourists to join in the joy and excitement. Keep reading to learn more about the 2024 Songkran Festival.

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Songkran Festival 2023

What is Songkran Festival?

The Songkran festival is a lively celebration brimming with various activities led by locals. These activities include temple cleaning, the beautiful ceremony of bathing the Buddha, offering food and robes to monks, crafting Buddha statues from sand, and culminating in the exhilarating water war. The water war, in particular, always attracts a vibrant crowd, with many tourists eager to experience this iconic event.

This meaningful occasion holds great significance for residents, serving as a cherished opportunity to gather with family and neighbors. Traditionally, it marks the beginning of the Siamese New Year.

Songkran 2024 - subburn.com

Furthermore, Songkran also symbolizes the transition between seasons, marking the shift from the dry to the rainy season. Given Thailand’s scorching temperatures, this festival offers the perfect opportunity to participate in refreshing water fights. Interestingly, the term “Songkran” originates from Sanskrit, signifying the movement of the sun from one position to another.

What are The Preparations for The Songkran Festival Water War?

Is this your first time joining the water race celebration at the Songkran festival? If it is, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind to prepare yourself before the festivities kick off. Keep reading for all the details, and remember to share this article with your friends, family, or loved ones! Here’s everything you need to know:

Songkran day in 2024 - subburn.com

Departure Plan

It’s important to note that if you’re planning a trip to Thailand, you should check the schedules for the Songkran festival in the areas you’ll be visiting, as events vary from city to city and region to region. For those of you eager to join in the festivities, head over to popular spots like Khao San Road in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, or Phuket. These areas are bustling with tourists eagerly anticipating the Water Fight festival, including many international visitors. Make sure to book your tickets well in advance, as airfare prices tend to skyrocket during this festival period.

Songkran Thailand 2024 - subburn.com

Bring Suitable Clothes

Make sure to pack comfortable clothes suitable for the water fight festival if you plan to join in the activities. Since the essence of this festival is playing in the water, opt for clothes that dry quickly and provide comfort. During the water war festival, expect to be splashed from all directions – that’s part of the fun! Alternatively, if you wish to participate but prefer to stay dry, consider wearing a raincoat to shield your clothes from the water.

Take Care of Electronics

This is one of the essential items to have in case your electronics get soaked to the point of no return. Naturally, you wouldn’t want that to happen, would you? To safeguard against water splashes or similar mishaps, be sure to bring along a plastic bag to shield your gadgets and electronic devices from potential damage.

Respect Local Culture

When you’re traveling abroad, it’s important to recognize that every country has its own cultural norms, even for foreign tourists. The Songkran festival holds deep significance for the residents there, and while it may seem like just a fun event, it’s essential to respect the culture and traditions while participating.

During the festival, it’s customary to wear modest clothing with covered shoulders. Additionally, tourists should refrain from purchasing alcoholic drinks or causing damage to property or sacred places.

Capturing this moment during the Siamese New Year celebration in Thailand can be incredibly valuable. You’ll create your own unforgettable story by experiencing this festival firsthand. Don’t forget to bring a camera to capture the essence of the event, whether through photographs or sharing exciting moments with others.

Final Thoughts

Traveling to Thailand is such a delightful adventure, and there are countless memorable moments to capture there. Don’t forget to explore the stunning beaches that Thailand has to offer – they’re a must-visit! You can also find information about Instagram-worthy spots in Thailand. If you’re planning to visit Bali or enjoy watersports there, you’re welcome to check this out as well.

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