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Best Skydiving Place in Vietnam [2024]

Have you experienced or tried tandem skydive in Vietnam? So you can experience tandem sky diving located in Da Nang. Read on for complete information here.

Skydiving is an extreme sport that you can try at least once in your life. Interestingly, for this skydive, you will be addicted to those of you who like extreme sports like this. We will provide complete information that you need to know before Tandem Sky Dive in Vietnam.

Is it Worth it to Skydive?

Is it your first time trying a tandem skydive? before you try it you should know what to prepare for a skydive. Skydive is indeed challenging to try and get your adrenaline pumping. Read on for the information that we have prepared below.

What do you think about jumping from a height or even you can fly above the sky? Surely you crossed childhood who wanted to be able to fly like a bird. Feeling panicky, happy, excited, and weak is a natural thing if you try skydiving for the first time. You are not alone.

For those of you who are trying skydiving for the first time, you don’t need to worry, because of course skydive always prioritizes safety, even though the price for this skydive is quite expensive, this experience is irreplaceable and you will see from a height and be very relieved for those of you who need freedom and an open mind during skydives.

Tandem skydive Vietnam
Tandem skydive Vietnam

What is the scariest part of skydiving?

Skydive is an extreme sport that makes you feel afraid when you jump, you need to know that fear must be faced if you are nervous about your own fear, it only exists in your mind, so let go of freedom when you fly above the sky.


This altitude hike takes 15 minutes to reach a safe altitude or is sufficient for beginners. Before you try skydive, make sure you are healthy and determined you want to do this skydive to feel the freedom above the sky by seeing various natures from above and your mind getting wider. It is estimated for skydivers to be above 13,500 feet and ready to plunge.

When you are on the plane, you will definitely be nervous and discouraged from canceling, but think again that you are already on top and have been waiting for that time for years to be able to experience skydives with other teams and of course, this tandem skydive already has a license experience to handle beginners.


When the plane door opens from above, and slowly your feet walk towards the door, and your instructor forces you to fight your fear, but after you have plunged, you will forget your fear, and anxiety, and there is only joy and pleasure up there to see from above the view below and even when you fly it feels short. Make sure you have recorded your first moment when you plunge.

Free Fall

This is the moment that most skydivers have been waiting for, if it’s your first time, you will feel like a roller coaster in your stomach and will get used to it later and without realizing that the landing speed is 120+ mph, really fast isn’t it? but you don’t know it when you feel it.

Is Tandem Skydive worth it?

If you don’t try you will never know. Lots of people say that doing skydives is really crazy and imagine jumping and flying in the air up to speeds of 200km/hour imagining how extreme this one sport is, but when you already know the feel, experience and sensation you will definitely try it again one day.

Yes, this is indeed very extreme, but you need to know that this skydive has a special trick in landing, and this tandem skydive is intended for beginners who want to try it and you will definitely see the view from far above the sky and fly like a bird that you have ever dreamed of. you are small. Give it a try sometime and fight your fear.

Skydive in Vietnam
Skydive in Vietnam

How much is Tandem Skydiving in Vietnam?

To try the adrenaline of this extreme sport, the price range is 1.5 million VND or you can find out directly here for detailed price information Skydive Vietnam.

The package per person includes:

  • Photos and Videos
  • 60 seconds of freefall
  • Internationally recognized instructors
  • Speed ​​200km/hour
  • Ride the canopy for 5 minutes

The price you pay will be more than what you get to experience while you fly. It will definitely be the best experience you’ve ever had at least once in your life to feel this challenge, and who knows you might be interested in becoming a skydivers.

Where are Skydive Locations in Vietnam?

The location of this skydive in Vietnam is Da Nang to be precise. The place is the center of tourists today. The location of this skydive in Vietnam is Da Nang to be precise. The place is the center of tourists today. We also wrote articles about tourist attractions that you must visit in Da Nang, and also have more articles about tourist attractions that you must visit in Da Nang.

We have also prepared an itinerary for those of you planning or looking for information on What to do while in Da Nang. You can also find easy, informative, and easy-to-read information about How to go to Da Nang, Ba Na Hills.

Continuing from Da Nang, you can also travel to the Chu Chi Tunnels, which are educational tourist attractions that you must visit, and you can also find the natural beauty in Ha Long Bay.

Is There an Age Limit For Skydiving?

Many people think age is a problem in this extreme activity, but you don’t need to be afraid to make your dreams come true.

There are several requirements you need to know to participate in skydiving without age restrictions, including:

  • Skydiving participants are in good health and good condition because skydiving requires you to have the physical strength to get out of the plane.
  • You must have moderate flexibility for a stable free fall, and participants must lift their legs to 90 degrees to land.
  • Risks that participants can take in making their own decision to skydive.

Minimum Age for Skydiving

Informasi batasan usia maksimum pada informasi diatas memang tidak memiliki batasan usia, tetapi untuk minimum usia melakukan terjun payung ini sangatlah bervariatif. Seperti dibeberapa negara Eropa untuk terjun payung memiliki minimal usia 16 tahun, dan untuk di negara Amerika memiliki batas usia 18 tahun untuk melalukan terjun payung termasuk di Da Nang.

Final Thoughts

So, are you ready to skydive in Da Nang? Or what is holding you back? Age is just a number; don’t limit yourself to doing what you like.

Skydive does look terrifying if you only imagine it, try once in your life to feel this adrenaline rush and fight your fear.

Share this article with friends, family, or partners if you are planning a vacation to Vietnam, and be sure to try Skydive in Vietnam with an unforgettable experience.

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