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Bali - Day, Week, Monthly Rent Villa in Bali [updated 2024]

Bali – Day, Week, Monthly Rent Villa in Bali [updated 2024].

Bali – Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Rent Villa Rentals [Updated 2024]. Are you looking for popular villa rental locations in Bali? You’re on the right page. In this article, we will provide as much information as possible, summarizing it for prospective villa renters in Bali.

There are various popular locations for renting villas in Bali, such as Seminyak, Ubud, Canggu, Uluwatu, Sanur, and Jimbaran. In these areas, villa rentals are available that can accommodate various budgets, facilities, and specific advantages unique to each location.

To identify areas available for rent, you can simply check online on various travel websites or use applications, some of which require downloading, such as Agoda, Traveloka, Booking.com, Cove, RuKita, and Airbnb. While some apps may be new to you, they are quite accurate in locating villas in your desired area and with the facilities you seek.

For additional information, there are also many official websites for villa rentals in Bali that offer a more personalized approach. You can promptly check the location and condition of the villa you intend to rent, keeping a close eye on the budget required for your desired period.

Numerous properties present enticing prices with diverse facilities, ranging from the lowest to the highest range. Moreover, certain property agents will provide several options from highly recommended areas for potential tenants. Ultimately, the choice lies with the prospective tenant and their specific needs.

Another crucial aspect is that every potential tenant should thoroughly read and gather as much information as possible, including reviews from various sources. Reviews from previous guests can significantly influence the comfort of prospective tenants, covering aspects such as room cleanliness, the environment, service quality, available facilities, and more.

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Why Should You Choose to Live in Bali?

Based on my experience living in Bali, it is a suitable place to relax. Many digital nomads come here to work remotely and explore tourist attractions in Bali. You can pin it here

Bali is an easy place to find fun activities; whatever you are looking for is in Bali. Similarly, a place to live is a primary destination for world travelers, making Bali the main choice for digital nomads and other adventurers. Travelers often refer to it as Bali’s Home.

One of the best areas for world travelers, digital nomads, yogis, or anyone else can be found living in the Ubud area because the cost of renting in Ubud is still affordable for those with an average lifestyle.

The island of Bali is indeed small, but you can create a list of places to visit while you are there. This way, you can explore many locations or visit several islands.

What is Bali’s population in 2024?

In 2024, Bali will emerge as one of the primary tourist centers for both local and international visitors in Indonesia. What makes Bali the most favored island among global travelers? Please continue reading this article to discover the current state of Bali.

Bali is home to a population of 4.47 million people. The largest concentration resides in the Buleleng area, situated away from the city center and popular tourist locations. This significant population consists of residents living in the Buleleng area who commute to work in central Bali, including Denpasar, Kuta, Canggu, and the surrounding areas.

For additional information about Bali, you can check here.

How is the Wi-Fi internet in Bali?

The internet speed in Bali is generally quite high almost everywhere on the island. However, it’s advisable to conduct a speed test if you plan to relocate. In the author’s experience, heavy rain in Bali can sometimes lead to disruptions in internet service. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure that you choose an affordable location with consistently good internet speed.

What Does it Cost to Live in Bali?

We will summarize all estimated prices in various areas such as Ubud, Seminyak, Canggu, and Jimbaran. The price is highly relative because it depends on the facilities you receive, the advantages of living in that place, and the lifestyle you choose. The area you choose can determine the price you will pay at a particular location. We recommend checking directly with the location to be sure and to find out about the position and conditions at the residence – Rent Villa in Bali.

Certain areas may also have issues, such as an unstable connection, being far from the desired or necessary area, and facilities that may not match the price you pay. We will provide a summary of these aspects in the following article.

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Ubud Area

The Ubud area has many spots where you can find rice fields, a cool environment, and a quiet atmosphere that calms the mind and soul in Bali.

I can conclude that the cost of living in the Ubud area in 2024 is around $700 – $1000 for 2 rooms or for an individual. It all depends on the needs of each guest and the facilities you get at the villa or residence – Rent a villa in Bali.

Need more information about the Ubud area? Check here for the best-recommended places for you, The handmade craft that you Must Visit and this also Experience Visit Aling Aling Waterfall.

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The Ubud area also offers activities that are equally interesting as in other areas, one of which is pampering yourself at the best spa in Ubud, Amati Spa Ubud.

Are you a fan of outdoor activities, such as waterfalls? If you plan to stay overnight in Ubud, this is the right location for you. We provide detailed information on entrance ticket prices for those interested in visiting the waterfalls in Ubud.

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Canggu Area

The Canggu area is a hub for world travelers and digital nomads with a high lifestyle. The location is very strategic, and there are also many cafes and nightspots suitable for those seeking entertainment. As of 2021, Canggu is gaining recognition among many digital nomads, and numerous villa rentals are available on a daily, weekly, or even annual basis.

However, prices in the Canggu area have skyrocketed significantly. Renting a villa in Canggu now costs around $15,325, or the equivalent of $1,275 per month in 2024.

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Seminyak Area

Seminyak, known for its variety of villa rentals in Bali, attracts expatriates to stay longer at affordable prices. Despite not being considered a tourist paradise, prices in Seminyak are reasonable, falling within the affordable-middle-class range. This is evidenced by numerous digital nomads who have resided in Bali for an extended period and have chosen to settle in the Seminyak area. Despite the presence of bars and vibrant nightlife, renting a villa or a place to stay in Seminyak is not necessarily inexpensive.

The monthly rent in the Seminyak area is around $500. The location is also strategically positioned and convenient for exploring Kuta, Sanur, Nusa Dua, or Jimbaran.

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Seminyak Area - Rent Villa in Bali

Jimbaran Area

The Jimbaran area, where not many expatriates live, is situated quite far from the noise of tourists. Jimbaran is preferred by local residents for its tranquil environment. While it is economical in terms of price, finding a place with higher expectations for beautiful natural charm might be challenging if you opt for a cheaper option.

Jimbaran is also renowned for its popular tourist activity, which involves enjoying seafood on the beach. There are numerous seafood restaurants in the area that serve delightful dishes. In the Jimbaran area, the monthly rental price for a Rent villa in Bali is around $400 to $600; this price also depends on the lifestyle you desire.

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Fast Facts Living in Bali

The short fact of living in Bali and rent villa in Bali is that it has a beautiful atmosphere and natural charm; you will never miss the warm touch of the sun, the beauty of the beaches close to tourist attractions, and the availability of restaurants from any country of origin.

Regarding several areas in Bali that are widely accessible, there are also specific points, such as the cities of Denpasar, Canggu, Seminyak, and Jimbaran. Check out the Essential Bali Packing list that you should know when you travel to Bali.

How’s The Food in Bali?

You need to know that Bali, often referred to as the ‘Island of the Gods,’ is one of the centers where tourists come from everywhere. This island also boasts a rich and beautiful culture, characterized by significant ethnic diversity.

Talking about cultural diversity, you also need to try some of the food in Indonesia. We provide a list of The Best Foods you Must Try in Indonesia, and for tourists who will come to Bali and want to explore some of the best tourist attractions, we have also prepared a travel list. And a list of places, one of which is to visit Serayu Pottery Ubud Bali. You can feel the experience by making pottery according to the shape you want. For more information details you can also check this one out for Get to Know about Bali – Complete information.

Final Thoughts

We will continue to provide information on recommended places for world travelers who want to explore new destinations, along with travel recommendations that suit your preferences. Please check our other articles when you’re making a list of travel plans, and don’t forget to share this article with friends, family, or loved ones. You can also find the author’s social media details below.

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