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Bali Tourism Recommendations that Must Be Visited

10 Must-Visit Bali Tourism Hotspots You Can’t Miss!

Bali Tourism Recommendations have indeed become a holiday center for domestic and foreign tourists. You can’t choose the wrong place if you want to take a vacation to Bali, and we provide the latest information on tourist attractions that you must visit in Bali. Read on for the related information.

The best locations in Bali are in the East, South, and North Bali Regions. We will provide updated information on natural tourism, educational tourism, cultural tourism, and religious tourism.

Bali Tourism Recommendations that you can visit are suitable for families, couples, or for filling your weekend time

10 Must-Visit Bali Tourism Hotspots You Can’t Miss!

Here we review 30 recommendations for Bali tourist attractions. Read on for the following information.

1. Penglipuran Village

Interesting facts about Penglipuran Village, located in Bangli District, reveals that it is one of the cleanest villages in the world. Additionally, Penglipuran Village is frequently chosen as a film shooting location.

Tourists planning to visit should familiarize themselves with the rules of conduct in the Penglipuran Village area, as adherence to Balinese customs is obligatory for visitors.

In Penglipuran Village, the grand Galungan holiday takes place, and you can witness this event directly during Galungan Day in Bali. This moment is truly extraordinary if you wish to learn about Balinese customs and culture.

Entrance ticket

IDR 25,000 – adult

IDR 15,000 – children

operating hours: 8.15 am – 6.30 pm

Also note that if you want to go to Penglipuran Village, it is sometimes crowded with visitors during the holiday season, and also prepare the best clothes to capture the moment there.

Penglipuran Village - Bali Tourism Recommendations
Penglipuran Village – Bali Tourism Recommendations

2. Elephant Cave

The temple in Goa Gajah attracts the attention of foreign and domestic tourists. Because there is a side-by-side religious philosophy between Hinduism and Buddhism. You can also find out the complete philosophy when you visit this location which is in Bedulu, Blahbatuh, Gianyar Regency, Bali, Indonesia.

There you will also meet a guide who will be willing to tell the story of Goa Gajah in detail, you only need to pay and the tour guide will provide clear information.

Entrance ticket: IDR 50,000 (including sarong)

additional ticket for a tour guide: IDR 150,000

Hours of Operation: 8 am – 5 pm

What you need to know is that if someone offers a sarong, don’t buy it if you are not interested in buying it. Because after you pay the ticket price, you will be given a sarong to wear while at this location. Be careful, there have been many frauds or persons who are not responsible for paying extra.

Goa Gajah - Bali Tourism Recommendations
Goa Gajah – Bali Tourism Recommendations

3. Monkey Forest Ubud

Monkey Forest Ubud, where there are hundreds of monkeys live here. There are around 700 monkeys in this location and there are also several sacred temples in it. To come here, it’s best if you don’t wear jewelry or always take care of your kinds of stuff. Since this is an unknown tourist thing, much of the luggage has been taken by the monkeys.

Also, make sure you don’t make eye contact with the monkeys because this will be fatal and most of the monkeys here are wild and attractive, and aggressive. It is advisable not to bring glasses, food, or drink, but if food is for the monkeys it is welcome.

Entrance ticket: IDR 50,000.

Operating Hours: 8 am – 6 pm.

You can also take selfies with monkeys who will be guided by a photo guide in this place. Wear closed clothes because usually the monkeys here sometimes like to jump at us or scratch for no reason.

Monkey Forest ubud - Bali Tourism Recommendations
Monkey Forest Ubud – Bali Tourism Recommendations

4. Bali Safari Marine Park

Bali Safari and Marine Park which is located in Gianyar Bali is a Bali Tourism Recommendation that Must Be Visited, you can invite your family and educate animals.

Uniquely, in the Bali Safari Marine Park, there are also attractions that invite tourists to see and feel first-hand when they are here, such as

  • Elephant conservation at the elephant museum, you can also buy elephant souvenirs.
  • You can bathe the elephants and there is also a 9-meter-tall Ganesha statue at the entrance
  • Hanuman animal education
  • Process of holy water in Tirta Sulasih.
  • You and your family can also experience the excitement zones in several areas and many other attractions.

For information on ticket prices

IDR135,000 – IDR450,000.

Book “Elephant Safari Park”

Operating Hours: 9 am – 9 pm.

Bali Safari and Marine Park also provide various kinds of education and also vacations which certainly provide new knowledge about animals. You can come here right away and order a day before the ticket.

Bali Safari and Marine Park
Bali Safari and Marine Park – Bali Tourism Recommendations

5. Batur Lake

Lake Batur, which is located in Kintamani, Penelokan Village, is one of the Bali Tourism Recommendations that you must visit, because this lake has extraordinary views and you can relax in warm water with cold weather and is close to Mount Batur.

To get to this location, you need a car driver and no motorbikes. Uniquely, Lake Batur is the largest lake on the island of Bali. Lake Batur is the center of hot spring bathing for tourists and also if you want to soak in hot water while enjoying views of Mount Batur which is still active today, you need to pay IDR 60,000.

Batur Lake
Batur Lake – Bali Tourism Recommendations

6. Water Sport at Tanjung Benoa

Water sports in Tanjung Benoa are Bali Tourism Recommendations that Must Be Visited which provide pleasure in an exciting water play experience and also challenge adrenaline.

To come here, you should have an appointment with an agent in Tanjung Benoa, sometimes there are people who give extra prices for this. Also, pay attention to the price offered and also prepare a change of clothes because you will be playing in the water on the beach.

Entrance Ticket: Start from IDR100.000 – IDR450.000 Approx

Operating Hours: 11 am – 5 pm.

This activity is suitable for those of you who are on vacation with family and partners. Here there are activities to cross to turtle island, parasailing, snorkeling, diving, sea walking, flyboard, and many other options.

Tanjung Benoa - Watersport
Tanjung Benoa – Watersport

7. Kelingking Beach

Kelingking beach or T-Rex beach whose coral resembles a little finger or the neck of a T-Rex. This tour is very popular, but you need to know, that to get here you need to cross the island to Nusa Penida because this location is not in Bali.

Getting to this beach also requires a struggle because the location is steep to get here and surely you will pay off when you arrive. Likewise, this beach is indeed a lot of tourist visitors who come and spend a few days on Nusa Penida.

We also write information about tours to Nusa Penida, please check and read on in the following article – Trip to Nusa Penida [complete guide].

Book “Snorkeling with manta rays”

Entrance Ticket: IDR5.000 + Parking fee IDR2.000.

Operation Hours: You can visit here anytime.

At Kelingking Beach you can also see amazing sunsets and sunrises, make sure you bring enough water and comfortable footwear. Because you will feel like climbing a cliff and there are also local food stalls that serve a variety of western foods and sell lots of drinks. Make sure you bring cash because they only accept cash here.

Nusa Penida - Kelingking beach
Nusa Penida – Kelingking beach

8. The Underwater Temple at Pemuteran

The Underwater Temple at Pemuteran is one of the places that steal the attention of visitors. Even visitors sometimes are willing to dive to see the beauty in the sea to see a statue that was deliberately drowned and has its own story to it.

Bali Tourism Recommendations that must be visited and don’t miss the moment to see the statue in the sea.

Entrance Ticket: IDR50.000 Approx

Operating hours: 8 am – 6 pm.

For those of you who want to visit this, make sure you can also swim, but don’t worry there will always be a guide there to visit the points where there are. The amazing thing about this statue is that there is no sea corrosion and it has grown a lot of coral and marine life in it so this statue has become colorful. You can see this depth is only 30-40 meters.

Pemutaran beach
Pemutaran beach

9. Garuda Wisnu Kencana

Garuda Wisnu Kencana is a Bali Tourism Recommendation that Must Be Visited. Besides this place has many attractions that steal the attention of tourist visitors, you can also watch live footage from a story about Garuda Wisnu Kencana.

Come to the location, preferably around 3 or 4 pm because the attractions are held at 5 pm, so the weather is not too hot and you can enjoy the scenery around.

Entrance Ticket: IDR125.000 (check periodically)

Operating Hours: 9 AM – 8 PM.

For more details about Garuda Wisnu Kencana, you can click here.

It is unfortunate that if there are tourists coming from outside Indonesia there is no special translation in English. In this attraction area, the full Indonesian language is used. If tourists want to know about this story, you should ask the information staff so they can be guided properly.

Garuda Wisnu Kencana - best place in Bali
Garuda Wisnu Kencana – best place in Bali

10. Munduk Village

Munduk Village is famous for its amazing tourist attractions even though it is very simple. Uniquely, Munduk Village is called the village above the clouds because it is located 900 meters above sea level.

If you want to spend the night here is a great idea and you will feel peace and only the sound of nature around.

In addition, in this location, there is a waterfall that has a height of 20 meters and certainly has a heavy water discharge. This location is suitable for those of you who want to relieve fatigue, shortness of breath, and beautiful scenery. You can also visit tea and coffee gardens. The location is in Buleleng Bali.

Entrance ticket: free entry

Operating hours: you can go anytime.

Wear cold-resistant clothing, as it is quite cold in the location, and make sure you wear shoes if you want to spend time walking or exploring this place.

Munduk Village -  Bali Tourism Recommendations that Must Be Visited
Munduk Village – Bali Tourism Recommendations that Must Be Visited


Here are 10 tourist attractions that you must visit while you are in Bali, surely your vacation will be more exciting by spending your time with someone you love. We also provide information on other tourist destinations and you can get more experiences here at the following link.

Book “Amati Spa Ubud”

What you must do is prepare small things that are very useful for your trip. You must also find out about the best type of itinerary to start a trip.

For those of you still seeking an experience with the natural beauty of Ubud, you can also visit the Best Waterfalls in Ubud. Alternatively, if you’re in the mood to be a party person and want to pamper yourself with a sunbed and amazing views, you can visit the best beach club in Bali.

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