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Tulamben diving - USS Liberty Shipwreck - subburn.com

[Complete Guide] Things To Do in Tulamben

Tulamben[Complete Guide] Things To Do in Tulamben: What do you know about Tulamben? The richness of the sea is beautiful, and you must visit this location when you are in Bali and read on for complete information about Tulamben.

Tulamben is located right in Tulamben Village, Kubu – Karangasem subdistrict. It is estimated that it is approximately 82 km from the city of Denpasar, Bali.

What To Do in Tulamben?

Before adventuring in Tulamben, we provide information that the name Tulamben was taken from the word “Batulambih”, which means “Many Stones”, why is it called like that?

Because of the rocks in this small fishing village, there was an eruption of Mount Agung, which made the surrounding area full of rocks. Now, we will make a list of what you can do while you are planning a trip to Tulamben.

USS Liberty Shipwreck

USS Liberty Shipwreck - Tulamben - subburn.com

This sunken ship, which was stranded in the middle of the ocean and has been submerged for years, is now attracting the attention of tourists. The eruption of Mount Agung caused the sinking of this ship, and the ship was also dragged into the middle of the sea. The activity of diving and viewing the USS Liberty shipwreck has a pleasant history.


Tulamben diving - subburn.com

Bali does have a million impressive water activities, one of which is diving guided by licensed Divemasters who provide diving services starting from the age of 10, so there is no need to worry. All guides will be guided in detail and safely.

The best time to dive is 11 a.m. because visibility when diving can reach 30 meters. For those of you who are beginners, you don’t need to worry because the water here is calm and very suitable for divers who want to try to see the diverse richness of the sea, you can check out The Best Diving spot in Indonesia, and also if you want to do snorkeling in Bali, here is the recommended spot for snorkeling in Bali.

Tulamben Beach

Amed Beach - tulamben - subburn.com

When you are tired of doing activities around, of course, take advantage of the beauty and tranquillity of this beach. The color of the sand is black, but there is no need to doubt the richness of the sea. The atmosphere on the beach is very calm, decorated with coconut trees, which make you relax and fall asleep in the wind.

Tulamben Tree House

Tulamben Tree House - subburn.com

Apart from the tree houses in Nusa Penida, this area has a unique tree in Karangasem, precisely in Batu Dawa Village. This building has been made from bamboo which is formed into a tree house. You can enjoy this tree house to see the valley, river, hills, and views of Mount Agung. This includes tourist destinations that you must visit.

View of Mount Agung

The scenic location of Mount Agung has become a highlight for tourists to visit, with views that photos cannot describe, but this view is truly beautiful when you see it for yourself.

Mount agung - tulamben - - subburn.com

For those of you who want to plan to climb, you should use the services of a guide to avoid unwanted incidents such as going in the wrong direction, injuries, and which track you have to follow. You can also check for Ubud tours and activities, which are suitable for trekking and also seeing the paddy views around.

Final Thoughts

So, what are the tourist recommendations that we have listed? Interesting right? If you have recommendations for other tourist attractions, please leave a comment below.

Do you already have plans to make a list of activities while on holiday in Bali? No need to worry, please check the recommended activities for those of you who want to explore Bali.

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