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Top 5 Middle Eastern Restaurants in Canggu in Bali - subburn.com (2)

Top 5 Middle Eastern Restaurants in Canggu in Bali

Guest Post written by: Ruba

Top 5 Middle Eastern Restaurants in Canggu in Bali. Bali’s most popular places now are the Canggu areas, bustling with people, and rich in the food scene with distinctive handmade and local designer retail shops. 

When I landed in Bali in August 2023 coming from the Middle East and being a mega foodie, I was astonished with the diverse food scenery in Canggu. 

Top 5 Middle Eastern Restaurants in Canggu in Bali - subburn.com

Top 5 Middle Eastern Restaurants in Canggu 

Middle Eastern food has found its way in Bali and the quality of the food is astonishing! Given that some of the Middle Eastern food ingredients are hard to source in Bali, such as the Tahini Sauce (Sesame seed sauce).

My Top 5 Middle Eastern Restaurants in Bali are:

This is a list of the most recommended places for Middle Eastern restaurants in Bali. Additionally, plan a hidden gem trip in Bali, Indonesia with your friend, your loved one, or with group, you can get what you need here.

Perhaps you are the type of person who likes sweet things? In Bali, you can try Coffee Candy, which is a more practical option.

Authentic Lebanese Homemade FoodZali, Pererenan

Zali bali lebanese food- subburn.com

Zali offers the highest quality of home-cooked Lebanese meals in Bali, the menu is always changing and offers some of the main Lebanese food, such as Tabouleh and Fatoush salads. 

At Zali, Chef Lisa ensures quality is maintained and the food is well presented.

You can enjoy traditional Lebanese breakfast as well as enjoying lunch and dinner, on some nights they offer live performances of traditional Lebanese music. This place is one of The Top 5 Middle Eastern Restaurants in Canggu in Bali.

Zali Bali Food

Traditional Lebanese Street FoodMarroush – Canggu

Marroush is another Lebanese restaurant, that offers nice Lebanese sandwiches, especially chicken shawarma sandwiches, the quality of the food is good, although my first preference would be Zali for a similar cuisine. 

Middle Eastern Fusion Kitchen – Zai, Canggu

Zai Cafe - subburn.com

Zai is a Middle Eastern Fusion kitchen; they use Lebanese and Jordanian herbs and spices, but they create their own creative dishes, and they are tasty.

The ambiance and the interior design in Zai are very beautiful and perfect for date nights or special occasions. 

Zai Cafe Bali

I also recommend enjoying Zai’s breakfast menu, they offer unique and fusion Middle Eastern breakfast, and their coffee is excellent too. 

North Africa meets Levant CuisineYema Kitchen, Canggu

Yema Kitchen mixes the spiciness of North Africa with the Herbs of the Levant (Levant countries are Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and Palestine). It is another fusion kitchen, but it mixes 2 Arabian cuisines into one.

Yema Kitchen Garden

The ambiance at Yema Kitchen is special and relaxing and they offer an onsite concept store alongside their beautiful outdoor garden where every week they stream outdoor cinema nights. 

The portions at Yema Kitchen are huge but it will leave you with tantalising feelings.

Modern Middle Eastern Eatery Sababa Canggu

If you are a modern lifestyle seeker, Sababa is your destination, beautifully decorated and in the bustling area of Canggu.

Sababa food is mixed between key Middle Eastern dishes and some international ones where you can enjoy your meal with their signature cocktails too.

Other food Scenes in Canggu, Bali

Time Beach Warung subburn.com.jpg

No matter what cuisine you are craving, Bali has it all and it offers one of the best multicultural cuisines. Some other of my favorite ones that are outside the Middle East are: 

  • RIZE, modern authentic Indian cuisine. Their Dosa dish is a must-try whenever you are at RIZE. 
  • Santorini, from the name, offers delicious Greek food with a restaurant interior that reminds you of Greece.
  • Yuki Canggu is a modern Japanese Izakaya cuisine, on some occasions, Yuki hosts internationally awarded chefs, and you shouldn’t miss their events.
  •  MAIZE is a delicious modern Mexican fusion restaurant; a reservation is a must at MAIZE. The spicy margarita with their soft tacos is not to be missed!
  • Times Beach Warung (Indonesian word for restaurant) is a beach modern Warung that offers stunning sunset views with delicious international bites and drinks. 

Indeed, Bali is a rich island with a diverse and multicultural expat community that offers everything for tourist comfort.

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About the author

Ruba is a travel blogger in her forties. She is originally from the Middle East and married to an Italian and together they live in the UK. 

In August 2023, Ruba took the leap, left her corporate full-time job, and traveled solo to Bali, Indonesia embracing slow traveler mode in this beautiful country and planning to stay for 5 months discovering Indonesia’s hidden gems and its food scene. 

Passionate about authentic cultures, hidden gems, and the sea, Ruba is sharing her travel guides and tips on her travel blog www.travelwithruba.com  

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