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Norii Ubud – Japanese Restaurant [Must Visit 2023]

Dining Experience: Norii Ubud by Ini Vie Hospitality serves authentic Japanese food with aroma and a comfortable place. This restaurant has a cozy, calm, open kitchen with a warm feel and is suitable for dining with partners and families.

What Is Norii Ubud?

Exploring culinary delights in Ubud, Bali is already surrounded by aesthetically pleasing traditional art and culture. Norii Ubud can be found in Amarea Ubud, which is located on the second floor for those of you who want to know the location, or you can see the location here.

The distinctive modern touch of the building with a warm touch in the Norii Ubud restaurant makes guests enjoy the warmth of the ambiance in the restaurant for a food menu that is quite diverse and will make you want to add to dishes continuously.

Norii Ubud - Subburn.com

In addition to the authentic taste, Nori Ubud presents an open kitchen, where you can directly see the reliable chefs cook and serve various delicious food.

Is It Worth To Try Norii Ubud?

Is it worth trying Norii Ubud? Of course, yes! You must take advantage of this authentic Japanese food in Ubud or on vacation in Bali. You can also feel a warm, comfortable atmosphere, and the service is amiable.

Norii Ubud can also be used as a recommendation for places for fine dining for you and your partner that you are currently planning to try new and unique things to try authentic Japanese cuisine. You and your partner or you and your family are also highly recommended to taste this dish.

Ubud is rich in artistic and cultural diversity, but in Ubud, you will also feel the cool air that makes you want to stay here for a long time. Do you want to try something new in Ubud that you have never tried before? Please check the Best Waterfall in Ubud Bali.

Norii Ubud’s price is very affordable from the presentation, ingredients, place, and experience when you come to the location—estimated for two people around IDR 500,000 – IDR 700,000. It all depends on what you order.

Where is Norii Ubud?

The location of Norii Ubud is one with the building of one of the Art Resorts in Ubud, namely Amarea Ubud by iNi Vie Hospitality. You can check the location in more detail here.

The place has a modern touch surrounded by art that is unique to this place. Norii Ubud can bring pleasure together in every dish you will eat. This restaurant will be open from 4 pm – 11 pm. You should reserve in advance to feel the uniqueness and eat at this restaurant.

Norii Ubud Food Recommendations

There are many foods that almost all of the menus are favorite and authentic, and you can see the chef cooking directly with the open kitchen concept. The most recommended food choices are Wagyu Beef Skewers and Gyu Tan Don.

Norii Ubud - Subburn.com

Not only the main course, but we also recommend the signature Tori Kawa teriyaki and Shrimp Meatball. The taste is authentic and suitable to complement your dinner with loved ones.

Norii Ubud ambiance - SUbburn.com

It’s complete if you serve food, right? You must try This drink recommendation, Shochu Highball and Yonama Maehama. The portion served is also very large and sufficient. Not only serving food on a plate, but Norii Ubud combines art in your dishes

Recommended Place in Ubud 2023

If you are familiar with Bali, Paradise, Summer, Heaven, and The Island of God, yes, that’s true. Try to go to Ubud to explore the natural beauty, which is relaxed, beautiful, and comfortable to live in Ubud as well as art and culture that is still original.

We have some recommendations for places for you who are looking for any places that you can make a list for your next vacation. Read on for the article with a myriad of your holiday lists.

Ubud has many natural attractions, such as Canggu, Seminyak, and Uluwatu. Visit Waterfalls, Take Pottery Classes, Overnight at the most recommended resorts and other tourist areas.

Best restaurant in Ubud with a view

After recovering from the pandemic or Covid 19, you must visit many restaurants to pamper yourself with nature, a view that makes you want to stay in Ubud as long as you want. We have several recommendations for Western, Asian, and other restaurants.

Ubud is known for its calm and comfortable scenery; many locations are on a large hill, surrounded by lush plants; you only need a short drive from the city center. It offers food ranging from traditional Indonesian to multicultural, and also, in Ubud, you can see views of volcanoes and beautiful valleys.

Best restaurant Ubud - subbburn.com

Final Thoughts

You need more than just exploring various corners of the city of Bali and other islands in Indonesia if you only spend a few days. We need a few weeks or even months, or it could be years. Want to know more lists of places for various places that you must visit in Bali?

You can see a list of these places for your travel destinations with loved ones. Also, share this article with your friends, family, or colleagues planning a vacation to Bali.

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