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Astera Seminyak Bali

Astera Seminyak – Best Villa for Couple

Astera Seminyak – Best Villa for Couples – Taking a break with your partner and deciding to spend a vacation together is one of the best things you can do when you are tired of your daily routine. Getting away from the daily grind and spending time with your loved one is a romantic endeavor. When going on a holiday with your partner, it is highly recommended to find a special villa that is suitable for couples.

Astera Seminyak Bali

Why Choose Astera Seminyak?

One of the most romantic villas in Seminyak is Astera Villa. Staying at Astera means you should be prepared to experience satisfaction as you find yourself in a truly comprehensive villa. This villa is one of the best and most comfortable places to visit in Bali, especially in the Seminyak area.

Astera Seminyak Bali

The villa serves as an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, offering all the comforts and modern design. Additionally, it features a private swimming pool and the friendliest staff. When spending time with your loved one, this villa is the perfect place to stay for couples, as the atmosphere is incredibly romantic and peaceful. You can even book an amazing flower bath to spend quality time with your beloved.

Astera Seminyak Reviews

Astera Villa Seminyak invites you to spend an unforgettable honeymoon while staying here. Designed elegantly as a romantic retreat for honeymoon couples, Astera Villa Seminyak offers a one-bedroom villa with a private swimming pool for a special and intimate honeymoon experience.

Astera Seminyak Bali

Romantic delights such as bed decorations with flowers, a swimming pool, and a bathtub are available to surprise your partner and create an unforgettable honeymoon experience. The villa is conveniently located on the border of Legian and Seminyak, only a 25-minute drive from the I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport, and 7 minutes away from the nightlife in Legian as well as the famous Seminyak Beach and other beach clubs.

If you are looking for a special villa for couples in Seminyak to experience complete satisfaction, come to Astera Seminyak. Learn more about Astera Seminyak by visiting their website at Astera Seminyak or https://asteraseminyak.com/contact.

What is The Main Shopping area in Seminyak?

The Seminyak area is the main street in the Seminyak area of ​​Bali, and there is only one road that is busy for tourists to come, and there are many choices of bars, restaurants, and other shopping. The Seminyak area has 1.8 km, specifically offering various boutiques, art shops, tattoos, and other galleries. No wonder the Seminyak area is crowded with tourists.

The following is a suitable shopping center with a minimal budget for tourists who will give souvenirs to relatives, family, or friends who cannot join you on vacation to Bali.

Seminyak Village

Seminyak Village - Astera Seminyak

The mall’s center is Seminyak, right next to Seminyak Square. You can see what you are looking for with a decent product and the price according to the quality of the goods you get. The location is strategic, and here, if you are looking for souvenirs or Balinese clothes, you can find them on the first floor; you can even find linen clothes here very easily.

Seminyak Square

Seminyak Square  - Astera Seminyak

Seminyak Square has a great place to shop for local Balinese souvenirs. The shop here also has a simple square with the words I LOVE BALI so that tourists who have just visited this area can capture the moment in this square. Prices here are still relatively cheap for tourists, even slightly cheaper than the flea market. You have to bid for those of you who want to shop at a warung. Because tourists usually get high prices.

Seminyak Art Market

Seminyak Art Market - Astera Seminyak

The place to shop for Balinese souvenirs at the Seminyak Art Market is complete with unique local souvenirs. Also, when you want to buy souvenirs here or other items, ask clearly for prices and items. Because the goods and prices placed sometimes need to be corrected with what is obtained. So it’s better to ask before you buy it.

Bali and Dream

Bali and Dream - Astera Seminyak

Bali and Dream is a shopping center offering a wide range of natural products native to Bali. Goods sold, such as organic soap, organic shampoo, and other organic ingredients, give a special sensation to buyers, and sometimes you get special discounts.

I love Bali

I love Bali - Astera Seminyak

The location is very strategic and also has a unique store concept design. Besides, this shop also has minimalist characteristics but high appeal for tourists who want to shop. Shop II sells various super cute swimsuits, unique in design, and various other clothes you can’t get anywhere else.

Bintang Supermarket

Bintang Supermarket - Astera Seminyak

Buy daily necessities such as cooking ingredients, food, fruit, milk, and fresh meat. If you want to buy beer or alcoholic drinks, you can also come to Bintang Supermarket, a very strategic location with affordable prices.

Skin Post-Atomic Wear

Skin Post Atomic Wear - Astera Seminyak

Places that sell linen and clothing materials also have lots of discounts in this place. Coming here is not enough to buy one shirt, several pairs of clothes, and have low prices. Suitable for you who are looking for other clothes made of linen in this place.

Where To Go When See The Sunset in Seminyak?

Watching the sunset in Seminyak is an activity that must be done daily if you are on vacation in Bali. Sunset in Bali, especially in the Seminyak area, is a fun activity, especially if you do it with your partner and then have a romantic dinner after watching the sunset.

There are several spots that you must visit at the same time as being able to have a romantic dinner together with bombastic views. The restaurant in Seminyak is Double Six, like a restaurant, and there are also lots of bean bags on the beach so that you can see the atmosphere and activities of the tourists here.

Potato head beach bali - Astera Seminyak

Then there is another spot, La Plancha, which is full of colorful umbrellas and lots of bean bags for guests who want to spend time chatting with groups, friends, or partners. Then there is Ku De Ta Bali, a famous beach club in the Seminyak area, and a DJ who is good at playing music to his rhythm.

The next list is Potato Head Beach Club which provides an art atmosphere and is also eco-friendly. If you want to spend the sunset on a low budget, you can visit Petitenget Beach, which is behind Seminyak Square. It is enough to pay for parking Rp. 2000, you can enjoy the beautiful sunset on a low budget but not too crowded like the Double Six or La Plancha areas.

Potato head beach - Astera Smeinyak

Likewise, Cafe del Mar is always busy with activities and guests arriving. Each place has its character, and the prices also vary. Going to a beach club or the center of Seminyak is quite expensive and crowded. But it would be best to visit all the places here according to the budget you prepared later.

Final Thoughts

Share this article with friends, friends, and your partner who wants to plan a staycation or celebrate an anniversary here.

You can visit many places in Bali; please also read other articles, such as the best beach clubs in Bali, and not only other activities, such as visiting waterfalls in Bali. Leave your comments if you still have questions or information you want.

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