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Karens Diner Bali

Karen’s Diner Opens in Indonesia

Karen’s Diner opens in Indonesia, ready to battle mentally with the servers here? What is the price of food and drink? Do I have to make a reservation? Where is the location? Read more as follows.

Karen’s Diner, which will open its restaurant in Jakarta, has attracted criticism from netizens on social media. Will this restaurant be as successful as the original restaurant? Read on for the information.

Karens Diner Bali
Karens Diner Bali

It had become a trending topic on various social media that Karen’s Diner would open a restaurant in Indonesia. Still, this time the restaurant testing the mentality will collaborate with the Bengkel Burger restaurant in Jakarta. Are you ready to test your mentality when you come here?

This Burger cafe will open its restaurant on December 20, 2022, and several influencers and artists have arrived for the soft opening. Even this restaurant has become a conversation to bring it up to trending topic.

Karen's Diner - bengkel burger open in indonesia
Karen’s diner open in Indonesia

Will Karen’s Diner open in Indonesia?

Take advantage of the information about Karen’s Diner, which will be open this December. Note for the date.

This restaurant will open in mid-December 2022, on December 20, 2022, to be precise. The Bengkel Burger restaurant is still focusing on the soft opening. On December 20, you can experience eating there with mental preparation.

Where is Karen’s Diner Indonesia located?

Are you in Jakarta? You can come right away, or you can make a reservation for Karen’s Diner in Jakarta. Please continue reading the related article for detailed information. You can go there in various ways, see in full below. Find the location of Karen’s Diner here.

Bengkel Burger

You can also easily visit this restaurant with various options

Is it worth it to eat in Karen’s Diner?

Be the first to visit this restaurant. Note the opening date, and also mentally prepare when you want to spend time there. Don’t be surprised by the service that is outside of restaurant standards, this is a restaurant with a very unique concept.

Make sure if you invite a family who doesn’t know the concept of this restaurant, you must tell them so there will be no misunderstandings. Good luck and be the first.

Before you go to Bali or want to stay in Bali for a long time, you can also check the music festival schedule that will be held in Bali, for sure, Joyland Fest 2023, which you can access here for detailed information.

How Much Does Food Cost at Karen’s Diner Indonesia?

The menu served at this restaurant, Bengkel Burger is Western food, the food menu is quite varied, and consists of burgers, french fries, sausages, bread, and pasta. Even the drinks here are quite varied, such as mocktails, beer, coffee, and also non-coffee.

Karen's Diner - menu bengkel burger
Karen’s Diner – menu bengkel burger

The price for the food ranges from IDR 75,000 to IDR 100,000 per person. We also prepare menu prices, please read on for menu prices available here. or you can check their menu here.

Karen's Diner - bengkel burger pasta
Karen’s Diner – bengkel burger pasta

Unique Facts about Karen’s Diner Indonesia

You need to know for this restaurant does not have a manager. Usually, where there is a business or company there must be a manager, but the concept here is a little different, that’s why this is somewhat unique, isn’t it?

Having an out-of-the-box restaurant concept has caught the attention of the residents. The serving staff even just berate and provide bad service for customers who want to eat on the spot.

The name Karen’s Diner itself is taken from the word Karen which means “Complaining”. This restaurant originates from Sydney Australia and will open in Jakarta. Prepare yourself and your mental while eating with a unique service.

Karens Diner Open in Bali 2023

It was recently reported that Karen’s Diner would open a second branch in Indonesia, namely in Bali. Yes, in Bali, to be precise, in the Canggu area. You can immediately book a place before you come and feel the sensation of service with character, and of course, there is no doubt about the food menu and taste.

Remember to visit this location with your friends or family. After eating at Karen’s Diner, you can also unwind at the nearest beach club location from that location, and please check the list of The Best Beach Clubs closest to your location. You can also try some areas to shake up your adrenaline, like Trying the G-Swing in Bali. Read on in the following information. Also, you can check here for more details and directions here.

Final Thought

After the information provided on Karen’s official Instagram account, that it will open in Indonesia in mid-December 2022, it officially opened on December 20, 2022.

You also need to reserve a place before coming, because it is predicted that the restaurant that will open in Jakarta will be crowded with visitors you can see the updated information here.

As for the name, Bengkel Burger will collaborate with this insulting restaurant. You can also prepare yourself for your vacation in Indonesia by looking at the posts we present here on Pinterest and Pin them for your destination.

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