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Edelweiss Park Karangasem Bali

Edelweiss Park Karangasem Bali – Info Updated

Exploring the island of a thousand Gods Bali which is a popular place for endless tourists has a million astonishing natural attractions, we provide related and updated information, read on in this article.

What is on the minds of tourists when they hear or read the word Indonesia? 90% of tourists say “Bali”, yes Bali where there are a thousand temples on this island.

Not only temples but many natural attractions, such as mountains, beaches, and the beauty of the sea, stunning natural beauty and tourists will forget their vacation time. Now Bali does not only have paradise tourism, but Karangasem Bali already has natural attractions that are no less interesting, namely Edelweiss Park Karangasem Bali.

We will provide complete and up-to-date information about this nature tour, keep reading this article, and share it with friends or family who already have plans to spend time in Bali.

Edelweiss Park Karangasem Bali
Edelweiss Park Karangasem Bali

Is Edelweiss Park Karangasem Bali a must-visit?

This flower garden tour is suitable for visiting with family or with children, as well as increasing children’s knowledge of various kinds of flowers. This location is quite strategic and easy to reach by motorbike or car.

Here you and your family or children will see rare types of flowers, such as the Edelweiss flower which is very rarely found in various places.

You can immediately visit with your family and capture the moment in various photo spots that have been provided for taking pictures. Not only get to know various flowers, but you can also enjoy the very close view of Mount Agung from the location of this park.

Edelweiss Park Karangasem Bali

Location of Edelweiss Park Karangasem Bali

The location is quite a bit far from the city center, if you are in the Kuta, Legian, Canggu, or Seminyak area it is almost a 1.5 hour – 2 hours drive to Karangasem Bali. You can also pay attention if you plan to go on a holiday or weekend, you could say the streets will be crowded and full of vehicles.

You can see maps leading to this location, and also plan to spend the night close to tourist attractions, because the weather there is cold and quieter than the city center.

What is The Price of the Edelweiss Park Entrance Ticket?

The ticket price starts from IDR 10,000IDR50.000, and you can enter and visit that location.

For tickets information can be purchased directly on the spot, always keep your luggage with you, sometimes there are monkeys who will take your belongings so pay attention to your belongings while you are on the move.

For hours of operation open from 7 am – 6 pm. Take your time and family to visit this location and also capture moments here with family or children.

For detailed information, check this out

Ticket prices


Plan your vacation with your family to visit this Edelweiss park. Besides seeing and feeling the cool weather with the natural beauty that is in Karangasem, also enjoy moments of togetherness with family while in Bali.

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