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Bali Swing Bali 2023

Must Visit – 12 Bali Swing Locations in Bali updated 2024.

Must Visit – 12 Bali Swing 2024 Locations in Bali updated 2024 destinations that you must visit at least once in Bali, you are on the right page, and here is the list.

Bali swing in Bali is one of the favorite tourist attractions for tourists and also those who want to feel adrenaline when you are here, you can even enjoy a very astonishing view.

No wonder tourists from children to adults also want to see the natural panorama in Bali.

In the following, we will list 10 Bali Swing locations that you must visit to fill your holiday.

But before we jump to the list, I have some recommended restaurants in Ubud that you must visit, check this one out.

1. Bali Swing

Giant Swing, which is located on Jalan Dewi Saraswati, has a tourist location that is popular enough to experience and also several photo spots that you must capture during your vacation.

The location is not far from Ubud, about 20 minutes, and if you are in Kuta, about 1.5 hours if there are no traffic jams.

You need to know, that this swing reaches a height of 78 meters and here you can also enjoy some food while enjoying the view.

More update information

Bali Swing Instagram

Bali Swing

Bali Swing 2023
Bali Swing 2023

2. Aloha Ubud Swing

Aloha Ubud provides 5 types of swings whose heights range from 10 meters to 60 meters. This Aloha Ubud swing tour is only 5 km from the Arjuna Ubud statue and here you can feel the adrenaline of swinging with a view that is certainly not inferior to its beauty.

You can also prepare the best clothes, for women, there are usually clothes for rent when riding a swing which makes the photos or videos more interesting. You can also enjoy the view with some of the dishes around this place.

More info update:

Aloha Ubud Swing Instagram

Website: Aloha Ubud Swing

Aloha Ubud Swing - Bali Swing 2023
Aloha Ubud Swing – Bali Swing 2023

3. Alas Harum Swing

Alas, Harum Ubud is very popular with nature ecotourism and outdoor activities such as flying fox, sky biking, and also swings that you can enjoy in this 1 place.

Not only that, but you can also follow how to make civet coffee and other things. When you are at Als Harum, make sure you bring a swimsuit too because you can also swim at this location and of course prepare the best clothes for taking pictures.

Alas Harum Ubud Bali
Alas Harum Ubud Bali

More Update Information:

Alas Harum Swing Instagram

Alas Harum

4. Swing Heaven Bali

Heaven Bali, which has been built in 2001, has invited many tourists and there is also a heart-shaped photo spot with a beautiful panoramic view.

It’s best if you visit when it’s still early in the morning or when there are still no visitors and capture your moments with your partner more romantically when you ride a swing at this location.

More Information:

Swing Heaven Bali Instagram

Swing Heaven Bali

Swing Heaven Bali
Swing Heaven Bali

5. LeKaja Bali Swing

For information, LeKaja Swinger is still under construction or temporarily closed, but you can see updates from the Instagram link that I have prepared at the following link

More Information:

LekAja Bali Swing Instagram

leKaja Bali Swing
LeKaja Bali Swing

6. Tegalalang Rice Terrace Swing

This Tegalalang rice terrace tourist attraction is the most popular place around. Because usually if you come here the streets around the location are already crowded and there are already many parked vehicles.

Besides that, you can also invite your family for recreation, for the location in Tegalalang is quite strategic and there are lots of food dishes too, so you don’t need to worry. Also, prepare comfortable sports shoes or clothes because here you can also hike and see views of the rice fields.

For Instagram and website information, we haven’t found related information, but if you find related information, please leave a comment or send the email listed.

Tegalalang rice Terrace
Tegalalang rice Terrace

7. Terrace River Pool Swing

Terrace River Pool Swing Bali is still located around the Tegalalang rice field, which you can find around the One world Ayurveda inn, The Kampung Resort Ubud.

You can find this location which is suitable for recreation with family and also partners if you want to spend time together.

For information on Instagram and the website, we couldn’t find a related location. If you find related information please let us know in the comments column or send information via the email listed.

Terrace River Pool Swing
Terrace River Pool Swing

8. Wanagiri Hidden Hill Swing

A hidden spot that you can see as shown in the picture, presents views of the sea and Mount Batur in Bali.

Besides that, there you can also use photo services in every spot to take pictures.

The scenery is truly enchanting and the best time to come here is in the morning because the air is still cool and the atmosphere is still fresh with stunning natural beauty.

More Information:

Wanagiri Hidden Hill Instagram

Wanagiri Hidden Hill

Wanagiri Hidden Hill
Wanagiri Hidden Hill

9. Sideman Bali

The location that is most frequently visited by foreign tourists is indeed very popular and there are also several spots that not only provide swings but also have a swimming pool facing directly to the mountain scenery.

This pool is also said to be a pool made of natural stone naturally and you can visit it right away.

The location is quite far from downtown Bali Denpasar because this location is quite far at Karangasem Bali.

Please visit this location and make photos or videos as attractive as possible for your social media. We also only found Instagram information, please check the following link.

More Information:

Sidemen Bali Instagram

Sideman Bali
Sideman Bali

10. Ubud Swing at Zen Hideaway

Surely you will fall in love with the location in Zen Hideaway Ubud. The location is so beautiful and beautiful that you can only listen to the sounds of nature and also the birds singing or the water from the waterfall.

This Zen hideaway is suitable for those of you who want to spend quality time with your partner and also on a honeymoon.

Make sure you also take pictures and make videos here, because the nature and scenery make your vacation even more comfortable and it feels like you just want to spend time here with your partner.

More Information:

Zen Hideaway Ubud Instagram

ZEN Hideaway

Zen Hideway Ubud
Zen Hideway Ubud

11. Uma Pakel Swing

The location makes several natural and culinary attractions here, such as swings, coffee, and swimming.

This location is quite lively for local tourists and also the prices are still very affordable for local tourists.

Please check for the latest information in the following link.

More Information:

Uma Pakel Instagram

12.Blangsinga Waterfall Swing

Enjoying the swift fall of the waterfall and accompanied by this very beautiful place, you can walk to the waterfall and can also swim in the waterfall area.

Also, pay attention to the weather if you want to visit a waterfall because if the volume of water is large.

Usually, visitors are not allowed to swim in this area and are only allowed to take pictures around it.

We recommend that you arrive at the waterfall in the morning, because of the air and coolness that you will get.

Blangsinga Waterfall
Blangsinga Waterfall

More Information:

Blangsinga Waterfall Instagram

Blangsinga Waterfall

Best Final Thought

Bali is indeed endless for exploring natural attractions and also some remote locations but has unforgettable views and experiences.

Especially if you spend time with loved ones. For those of you who are planning a vacation with family, partners, and friends.

You can share this article with your playgroup for destinations that you must visit if you are in Bali or going on vacation to Bali.

Natural tourism really spoils the soul and eyes for your vacation and enjoy the scenery there.

We also wrote various information on other tourist destinations that you can check here.

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