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Ban Rak Thai Village [Must Visit 2023] - subburn.com

Ban Rak Thai Village [Must Visit 2024]

Ban Rak Thai Village [Must Visit 2024] location that looks unreal, and is Ban Rak Thai, located about 45 km from the city center of Mae Hong Son. This village was originally founded by Chinese residents who once lived in this village. Peace around this village is maintained. Suitable for those of you looking for peace and to get away from the busy capital city.

Interestingly, Ban Rak Thai village is a Myanmar border village. We will provide information about Ban Rak Thai village, providing peace during your trip to Thailand. Also, share this information if you plan a holiday according to our summary list.

How To Get To Ban Rak Thai?

There is a way for those of you who are going to Ban Rak Thai for the first time that you need to know, and this is the most recommended way if you are planning to go to Ban Rak Thai Village. At this location, you will find a beautiful small lake, and there are extensive tea fields. The views are truly amazing, and this place has many exciting experiences.

How to get Ban Rak Thai from Chiang Mai?

You can buy a plane ticket from Bangkok and then head to Mae Hong Son. If you are in Chiang Mai, you can travel by minivan, then go to the bus station to Pai, and it is estimated that this will take approximately 3 – 5 hours on a winding road. Get ready for this challenging adventure.

If you want to stay in Thailand, you can get some ideas from the best resorts in Thailand and many best instagramble spots that you can explore in Thailand as well.

The unique thing is that when you have passed thousands of curves while traveling, you will get a certificate for successfully passing these curves. Prepare travel medicine if you get motion sick.

You will see beautiful mountains and lake views when you fly through the clouds. Surely you will be amazed by this. The residents in this village are also very friendly, and there are still many honest people who help each other.

What To Do in Ban Rak Thai?

It doesn’t feel complete if you spend your time walking around or staying in your room to enjoy the views of this village. Give yourself time to walk around and try some exciting activities you can’t find anywhere else; here is a list of locations you must do while in Ban Rak Thai.

Phu Klon Mud Spa

The country of Thailand is famous for its beauty products. Phu Klon Mud Spa can be a part of your itinerary. This location is known as Masker, where Phu Klon Mud Spa has a Mud Hot Spring. Don’t worry, and there’s no sulfur smell here at all.

Before reading further, you’re invited to explore the finest spa experience in Ubud, Bali. Our services rival those of Thailand country, offering everything you need for a rejuvenating getaway.

Phu Klon Mud Spa - Ban rak Thain village - subburn.com

Ticket Price:

  • Facial Mud Spa (15 minutes – THB 80)
  • Mud Body Spa THB 200 takes 90 minutes for this type of spa.
  • There is an area for soaking in the mineral pool.
  • For those who like privacy, you can do it in the Mineral bath by filling the bathroom with a bath up.
  • The last one is Thai Massage.

Address: 132 Mok Cham Pae, Mueang Mae Hong Son District, Mae Hong Son

Things To Remember in Ban Rak Thai

Bring cash because it’s hard to find it here. There are almost no ATMs. Haggle over the price if it’s too expensive.

Experience in Ban Rak Thai

The best mask places in the world are Israel, Romania, and Phi Klon Mud Spa.

The Chinese Village of Ban Rak Thai

After a long period of activity, of course, your energy and stomach should not be empty. Take a break to a restaurant serving Chinese dishes. You will find a combination of Chinese food with a variety of Thai food because the menu here is unlike Chinese cuisine. But you must try it once in your life, and make sure you tell the staff to request that the dishes served specifically for you are not spicy or a little spicy.

The Chinese Village - Ban Rak Thai - subburn.com

Morning Market

After a day of activities, you must rest and prepare for the next adventure by visiting the morning market in Ban Rak Thai. Here, you have to haggle over the price and try to invite someone who understands Thai. Because most residents in Ban Rak Thai village are not fluent in English, try the local food at this market, and usually, if you buy snacks here, make sure you finish them straight away because the food is better served immediately.

Morning market - Ban Rak Thai - Subburn.com

Pang Tong Palace

It’s time to travel armed with knowledge from Thailand. Ban Rak Thai village still has many temples, namely Pang Tong Palace. The park here is very large, and you can meet or feed the sheep. It is reported that a zoo will be built here in the future. Tourists or vacationers can visit the location at Pang Tong Palace.

Pang Tong Palace - Ban Rak Thai - subburn.com

Wat Jong Kham

The location of the oldest existing temple is Mae Hong, and this location is very close to Nong Chong Kham Lake. Recommended if you want to visit this temple at night. At night, the lights in this temple will turn on, and you will see the beautiful, colorful lights that make this building even more alive and attract the attention of tourists.


Night Market

Ban Rak Thai village’s night market can be quieter than other locations. There’s nothing wrong if you’re hungry or looking for something to do when it’s dark; you can rest and have dinner here. Not only do you buy food, eat, and then go home, but you can see the beauty of the surrounding nature at night the activities of the residents at the night market, and you can also sit back and relax while enjoying the food you bought.

Night Market - Ban Rak Thai - Subburn.com

Final Thoughts

So, do you want to visit Ban Rak Thai village? If you are still unsure about the plan, you can read Best Things To Do in Thailand and note the biggest festival in Thailand, namely the Songkran Festival, a water fight festival for all Thai citizens. No need to worry. Tourists can also visit the festival directly.

If you have questions or a list of other places, please comment below and share this article with your family, partner, and friends.

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