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Monolocale Seminyak -best resort seminyak

The Best Resort Seminyak – Monolocale Resort

Best Resort Seminyak – Monolocale Resort, Monolocale Resort by Ini Vie Hospitality is a simple, exotic, and convenient place to stay in Seminyak. This Resort makes Monolocale the best Resort in Seminyak.

Inspired by a blend of art and luxury, Monolocale Bali offers an unforgettable staying experience in the tropical area of ​​Bali. The luxurious features of Monolocale are One Bedroom Villa with a Private Pool suitable for honeymooners who wish to spend their intimate time while on vacation in Bali. 

Why Choose Monolocale Resort?

You’ll be astonished when you enter the Resort because it’s magnificent. The private outdoor pool is ideal for photographing and relaxing with your loved one. Even better if you combine the floating tray with breakfast! The electrical outlets were adequately suited for travelers, so you didn’t need to use your adaptor to charge your devices. 

The room at Monolocale Resort is already completed with a large television for watching Netflix. It was also customized to work with Alexa. A virtual assistant for the room, so you may use it to set alarms and listen to your favourite Spotify playlists. The room’s concept will appeal to you, and you will undoubtedly suggest it to other travellers. 

Monolocale Seminyak - Best Resort Seminyak

It was an incredible resort, and the ambience was excellent. The location is convenient for getting about, and the staff is kind and helpful. This Resort was ideal for a quiet retreat with your loved one. During the day, you can make the most out of the pool, net, and sun beds. The bed is cozy, and the room is spotless— a luxurious resort with all the trimmings. 

Is it Worth Stay Monolocale Bali?

Monolocale Bali also offers romantic flower decorations for guests who would like to surprise their partners, such as flower decorations on the bed and swimming pool which will add to a memorable romantic experience

This Resort is located in the tropical areas of Umalas, Bali, on the border of the acclaimed spots of Bali, Seminyak, and Canggu. It is only 30 minutes drive from Bali International Airport of Ngurah Rai, a walking distance to many restaurants around the villa, and only 7 minute’s drive to Petitenget Beach or Batu Belig Beach to see the stunning sunset for the exciting holiday in Bali.

Monolocale Seminyak - Best Resort Seminyak

So, if you want to feel the sensation of an exotic and convenient resort in Seminyak, come to Monoloale. Learn more about Monolocale Resort on Instagram @monolocaleresort or contact Monolocale Resort here.

Why is Seminyak Famous?

Seminyak is an area known for its beaches. It has various sections of the beach:

  • Double Six Beach
  • Kelan Beach
  • Berawa Beach
  • Sanur Beach
  • Batu Belig Beach
  • and Petitenget Beach

The distance between 1 beach to another has close distance. The good news is that various beaches also provide daybeds to fill your vacation time in Bali.

La Plancha Seminyak- Best resort seminyak

In Seminyak, there are also many bars that are no less interesting, with live music events and food served in each bar, and there is always happy hour for discount hunters. The location is also very strategic for those who want to explore Bali. Apart from bars, culinary delights, and beaches in Seminyak, this area is also known for shopping for Balinese products made with uniqueness and a high level of creativity.

Is Seminyak or Kuta better for Nightlife?

Seminyak or Kuta - subburn.com

For those of you still deciding where to go, remember that Seminyak is generally more suitable for those looking for luxury, trendy bars, upscale boutiques, and luxurious beach clubs.

For a more relaxed Kuta area, there are still plenty of bars with affordable prices and also present a variety of fun beachside entertainment.
Price comparison between Seminyak and Kuta can be seen as much more expensive in the Seminyak area.

Which is Better Ubud or Seminyak?

Are you wondering about the same? You are not alone. Tourists often ask this question. The tourists are confused about staying in Ubud or Seminyak.

Tourists will explore on their own according to what they want, as the fact is that Ubud is a place that is plural for tourists who want beautiful nuances, mountains, and also the tranquillity of nature. As for Seminyak, starting from the price of lodging, eating, or other tourist attractions, it is quite expensive compared to Ubud.

You will feel the difference, but there are no pluses and minuses. Even in two different places, you will feel the excitement yourself after you experience living in Ubud or Seminyak.

Mr and Mrs Dick – Seminyak, Bali

Almost everyone has fallen in love with the beauty of nature after experiencing both Ubud and Seminyak areas, and we will not be able to compare which is better because both areas have their characteristics. If I had to choose, we would choose both Ubud and Seminyak.

Apart from that, there are also many choices that you can make in Seminyak, such as exploring local food, unique bars, and beach clubs in this area.

Where is The Richest Area of Bali?

Vegan Restaurant Bali - subburn.com

According to circulating facts, the Seminyak area is famous for its stylish clubs, nightlife, and bars, and it is also very expensive compared to other areas of Bali. Seminyak has luxury shopping malls at great prices, prestigious eateries, and an upscale environment. Besides that, it also has types of villas, apartments, and upscale hotels or commercial properties. Seminyak is also a popular choice for both local and foreign tourists.

If you have doubts about staying in the Seminyak area for a long time, try to come here occasionally to find out the vibe, environment, etc. There’s nothing wrong with trying, right?

Also, read Best Vegan Restaurant in Bali.

What is The Most Luxurious Area of Bali?

Private Jet Villa - Uluwatu

The most luxurious area in Bali is Uluwatu. Why? Because Uluwatu is currently one of the icons of a luxurious area, there are very beautiful private villas, and the natural beauty is truly amazing.

Uluwatu is also located in the southern area of ​​the island of the Gods, whose beauty is unquestionable, and an exclusive area if you want to live in Bali. It is also known for its high cliffs, then faced with views of the Indian Ocean, then it has white sand beaches. Usually, many surfers are active in this area of ​​Uluwatu Beach.

Is John Hardy a luxury brand?

John Hardy Bali - Subburn.com

The John Hardy Boutique & Gallery in Seminyak is well known for its global jewelry collections and is also suitable for casual wear. Not only selling jewelry but also serving local culinary and Western food.

Jewellery is considered luxurious and unique, and the meticulous workmanship makes this place a favorite for jewelry lovers and always preserves traditional culture.

Address: Jl. Petitenget, Kerobokan, Kec. Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361

Seafood Seminyak Beach – Bucket List in Seminyak

Seafood Seminyak Beach - subburn.com

Who’s craving seafood and ready for a delicious seafood feast this weekend? You are on the right page. Indigo Seminyak Hotel offers the Seminyak Seafood BBQ program for weekend enjoyment with loved ones and family.

The BBQ buffet style is available from salads, rujak buying, fish balls, Lawar, satay lilit, and tuna satay, and there is a menu of grilled corn and edamame. Apart from that, guests can also make fried rice and fried noodles with additional menus such as shrimp, clams, crab, squid, tofu, and other vegetables.

The menu also has a lot of seafood and local food and provides tacos mixed with vegetables, shrimp, and tempura. Feel your enjoyment while on vacation in Seminyak by spending time at a dinner party here.

Address: Jl. Camplung Tanduk No.10, Seminyak, Bali, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361

Cheap Shopping in Seminyak

cheap shopping seminyak - subburn.com

Tourists who will come to Seminyak to buy souvenirs or shop for holiday needs can visit several places such as Seminyak Square, Seminyak Village, Skin, Poetic Shop, Paradiso, and Balizen.

You will find a lot of equipment in that place; you will even fall in love with local products with much better goods. If you want to shop, you should prepare cash.


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Final Thought

Give yourself a moment to relax in Seminyak, an area full of fun and warmth with loved ones. Share this article with friends, friends, and loved ones when planning to spend time in Bali, and if there is still missing information, please leave your comments below.

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