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Kamala Resort for a Romantic Honeymoon in Ubud - Kamala Resort Ubud

Kaamala Resort for a Romantic Honeymoon in Ubud

Kaamala Resort for a Romantic Honeymoon in Ubud- Kaamala Resort is a perfect place for a romantic honeymoon in Ubud. When you arrive at the Kaamala Resort in Ubud, Bali, you will be greeted with a refreshing complimentary drink. The staff is so kind, patient, and friendly that everyone greets you and makes you feel like royals. 

Kamala Resort for a Romantic Honeymoon in Ubud - Kamala Resort Ubud

Why Kaamala Resort Special?

Being on your honeymoon, you will receive unwavering service from the staff, who will continue to make it extra special with a complimentary dessert decorated with “Happy Honeymoon” and beautiful bed designs with rose petals laid throughout our room.  This has been carried out to make your honeymoon experience special and fun. 

As one of the best resorts in Ubud, Kaamala Resort has already completed a virtual room assistant. The room’s electrical systems were voice-operated, making it even more delightful and restful. You can also command the room to play your favourite music. The resort is within walking distance from most sightseeing facilities and attractions. 

This resort features Suite Forest View, One Bedroom Villa with Private Pool, Royal One Bedroom Villa with Private Pool, and Royal Two Bedroom Villa with Private Pool. Kaamala Resort Ubud is completed with a whole pack of facilities.

Is Kaamala Resort Worth Stay for Honeymoon?

Wandering around to eat, you can savor the Japanese cuisine at Shichirin or take cocktails with the alley view at Wild Air Restaurant. If you are thinking about a relaxing honeymoon activity, you can try a couple of spa massages at Svaha Spa Bisma

While you are in Ubud, you also can renew your vow at the romantic wedding venue of Kaamala Resort. The wedding venue has a public infinity pool facing a green valley with a breathtaking view, making Kaamala Resort Ubud one of the best resorts for a relaxing sanctuary. 

Surrounded by a rice field and in a well-known location in central Ubud at Jalan Bisma, it is close to several famous tourist spots such as Sacred Monkey Forest, Ubud Art Market, Ubud Palace, several museums, and many more.

So, if you want to stay in the best resort in Ubud for a romantic honeymoon experience, come to Kaamala Resort. Learn more about Kaamala Resort by visiting Instagram @kaamalaresort or book your room here

Kamala Resort for a Romantic Honeymoon in Ubud - Kamala Resort Ubud

Things To Do in Ubud

You can do many things in Bali, one of which is in Ubud, where there are many quiet places, views of rice fields, hiking activities, and waterfalls.

Ubud also has many shopping centers known as Handicrafts from Ubud. One of the interesting things you can do here with your loved ones is the Serayu Ubud Pottery Class, which provides pottery classes, and you can try here for activities you can’t get anywhere else.

Serayu Pottery Ubud - Kamala Resort Ubud

The heart of Ubud is one of the places for tourists who want to do Yoga, Meditation away from the bustle of the busy city or want to try new things in Ubud with a more calming situation.

The Best Giant Swing in Ubud, Bali

Seeing many tourists or influencers who come to Indonesia, Ubud Bali, there have been many posts spread worldwide to get photos with views of green rice fields, terraces, or green rice. This is an attraction for tourists who want to capture photos there.

Let’s call this the best swing in Ubud that you must try, and you will see the scenery and feel the wind blow, the Sri atmosphere, and other tours that you can find in 1 place.

You will get this moment when you try The Best Giant Swing in Ubud. And after getting tired of playing or doing activities, you can also enjoy Balinese coffee here and delicious food. No need to worry. You can also get experience with it.

things to do in Ubud Bali

Ubud Weather

There is no doubt this Ubud area is indeed suitable for those of you looking for fresh air, lots of trees, and activities that are different from other areas.

Ubud has a characteristic for doing Yoga, Meditation, or anything that makes you calm here.Ubud is a place for seekers of serenity from all things, be it situation, and also far from the noise of tourist places such as the Canggu or Seminyak area. Some things you know about the weather in Ubud are

  • The air is still cool
  • The air is suitable for doing yoga, meditation, or something like soul relaxation
  • Sufficient air is in the highlands.

Non-Touristy in Ubud Bali

Getting to know Ubud in Bali is a place known as a center for handicrafts and traditional dances. No wonder tourists go to Ubud to see and experience Ubud’s heritage.

The best time to feel the sensation in Ubud is when it rains, and seeing green rice fields, cool air, and also the atmosphere of Ubud is different from the city of Denpasar.

The many Hindu temples that make Ubud have ancient relics. In the following, we will list some non-touristy places in Ubud Bali, and you can spend more time in Ubud.

Teba Sari Bali

Teba Sari - Subburn.com

Ubud has a very beautiful restaurant and also has its characteristics. This place is suitable for spending time with family, while on vacation, or enjoying Balinese and Indonesian specialties and served with natural views, fish, eating by the rice fields and watching rice, and sitting in a cool gazebo.

Titian Art

Titian Art Space - Subburn.com

Titian Art Space offers an alternative space for artists. The location is quite far from the city of Denpasar, which has an open, relaxed location and offers works of visual and functional art. In its management, other art communities have joined to cooperate with the archipelago.

Museum Puri Lukisan

Museum Puri Lukisan Ubud - Subburn.com

Enjoying a quiet time away from the busy bustle of the city, give yourself a moment to come here. The location is in Central Ubud. Quiet inside, nice garden. You can see traditional and modern Indonesian and Balinese art, and it’s a cheap, relaxed, simple way to experience the culture.

The entry price includes a free lunch, and visitors can sit in the tall bungalow overlooking the garden to enjoy their meal. It’s worth it for some quiet time, peaceful food, and viewing art in a quiet environment.

Sari Api Ceramic Studio

Sari Api Ceramics Studio - subburn.com

Kaveri Spa at The Udaya

kaverispa - subburn.com

Spending all day at the Spa is the right time to spend with your partner, or if you want my time. Here provides special treatment for you who want a spa with a special view, and your body will release energy which makes your body more relaxed.

Explore the scenic and ancient Penestanan Village

penestanan village - Subburn.com

Did you know Penestanan Village is one of the cities worldwide that has managed to preserve its heritage with very few changes?

Isn’t it really interesting? Yes, this village is very quiet, and you can enjoy various cafes and restaurants that serve local cuisine that is just as tasty as other star-rated restaurants. Most of the restaurants here are directly faced with views of the rice fields; even guests want to spend time here enjoying a cup of coffee or eating with a view that spoils their eyes.

To travel the distance here is quite far from the city. You can rent a taxi online, or you can drive your vehicle. Because the vehicle to come here has little access apart from driving a private vehicle.

The right time to visit this location is the months of June to October. The place doesn’t have many tourists so you will have a calm, relaxed atmosphere and a beautiful view.

All About Ubud – Final Thoughts

If you want to feel what you want to experience living in Ubud, or you want to plan a honeymoon to stay romantic with your partner. Please come to Kaamala Resort.

Is there any information that hasn’t been delivered yet? Please comment below for questions or other suggestions, and also share this article with friends and your dear partner.

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