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Hang Son Doong Vietnam – Complete Information Updated

Hang Son Doong Vietnam – Complete Information Updated. Is this your first time visiting Vietnam? you need to know this for AWESOME destinations here, keep reading this article and share it with friends, family, or loved ones.

Which part of Vietnam should I visit in 2023?

Hang Son Doong Vietnam is one of the tourist destinations that you must visit while you are in Vietnam.

Hang Son Doong Vietnam cave is the largest natural tourist spot in the world, such as fossils, extraordinary cliffs, and tourist activities that you won’t find in other countries.

You not only get experience if you go to Hang Sin Doong Vietnam, but you also get very interesting lessons when you visit here. The discovery of natural attractions amazes tourists and there are rare objects found.

This will be reviewed in the following article.

Hoi An Village

Hoi An is a city that has earned the nickname of the capital of tailors. Where the local residents who live around this area do have their own uniqueness.

If you want to visit Hoi An, you can see both sides of Hoi An, such as village life, and local cuisine, and explore by boat baskets that have waterways like a maze where there is the Bay Mau Coconut Forest around it. There is also a historic Hoi An building that has become a concern of world travelers.

Usually, this is also one of the places that tourists go to, such as watching the Lantern festival performances in the city of Hoi An, with various kinds of colorful lanterns placed on the water.

Check directly if you want to visit Hoi An Village here.

Hang Son Doong Vietnam
Hang Son Doong Vietnam

What To Do In Hoi An Village?

  • Visit the best tailor locations in Vietnam, and you can make clothes with a mix of styles and colors that you like and can be used as souvenirs from Hoi An, Vietnam.
  • Visit a historical place that used to be a hideout for the Vietcong communists who used workboats.
  • Making authentic Vietnamese local dishes and food such as taking part in a cooking class with a guide who will help visitors learn how to cook local food in Vietnam.
  • After you’re tired of walking or want to relax your body, you can also feel a foot massage that makes your feet relax again.
  • Try to go around the city of Hoi An which has a high history, and capture moments together with friends, family, or partners throughout the city of Hoi An. You also get UNESCO historical information and you can also find out about the local culture and the most iconic places here.
Hang Son Doong Vietnam
Hang Son Doong Vietnam

Phu Quoc Island

Phuc Long is a place that is highly recommended by tourists, this place has several tourist spots that are recommended by all local residents and other travelers alike.

The location is still very beautiful with beautiful scenery and also some places that are still beautiful with natural beauty that is second to none. You can spend your time fishing, and snorkeling, and also take your time to a romantic place if you go with your partner. Many romantic places around this location.

Hang Son Doong Vietnam
Hang Son Doong Vietnam

What To Do in Phu Quoc Island?

You need to know that Phu Quoc is a beach off Cambodia that has white sand beaches, this is one of the paradise beaches in Vietnam, which is a very tourist location.

Enjoy your leisure time and make sure to stay longer at this Phu Quoc location, because there are many tourist destinations that you must visit, such as:

  •  Swimming, Snorkeling, fishing.
  • You can also just sunbathe on the beach and enjoy the sun with a glass of beer or coconut.
  • Are you an animal lover? Also take your time to go to Vinpearl Safari in Phu Quoc, because this is the only zoo in Vietnam.

Hue Imperial City

The Imperial city of Hue is a location that you must visit, it’s enough to spend 30,000 VND you already know what’s behind this story. Not only politics, you can also find out what history, culture, religion, and politics are behind the story of this building.

Hue itself is also translated as “women” in Vietnamese. This place is also surrounded by many pagodas, temples, and schools that were founded in it.

What To Do in Hue Imperial City

  • Visit Gia Long, it’s a must. The special thing is this place was built 250 years ago and in this location, Gia Long is said to be the first emperor of the Nguyen Dynasty.
  • Hue Fortress, in its history, was built and involved spiritual knowledge which has the symbols of the Snake and Lion, which have a strong and courageous meaning and also symbolize good omens in spiritual knowledge.

Mui Ne Sand Dunes

Mui Ne Sand Dunes is a location that is visited by many tourists, and this location is also one of the places that are quite popular if you want to vacation in Vietnam.

For the best time go to Mui Ne Sand Dunes, visit from November to March, and you don’t need to worry because Vietnam is a part of Southeast Asia which has good weather and is suitable for activities like this.

Mui Ne Sand Dunes

What To Do in Mui Ne Sand Dunes?

  • Play sandboarding or sledding.
  • Spend your time here one full day, to experience playing with sand here and take photos or videos here. The moment when you are here is perfect to capture when you play sandboarding.
  • There is no entry fee for the location, but if you want to rent or play sandboarding or sledding, you can order online, or buy tickets on the spot. But it’s better to buy online because sometimes a lot of tourists use it and you don’t have to stand in line and it’s also easier.
Mui Ne Sand Dunes
Mui Ne Sand Dunes

Son Doong Cave

Son Doong, unexpectedly that 1 diSon Doong Cave has a volume area of ​​around 38.5 million m3, and it is also reported that here is the largest cave in the world and the largest in Vietnam.

The interesting fact is that before the Son Doong natural cave was discovered, the largest cave in Malaysia was named Goa Deer.

In Goa Son Doong, many visitors say that if you visit this cave, you can feel another world, such as weather, underground rivers, situations, forests in caves, and several other interesting things that you can find here.

Even some world travelers provide experiences like being in the film Avatar, Goa has its own uniqueness and complexity shaped by nature.

Son Doong Cave
Son Doong Cave

What To Do in Son Doong Cave?

  • Visit the Underground river

which has underground rivers originating from Goa En and Goa Khe Ry. namely the waters originating from the border of Vietnam and Laos. When you come here, you will meet knee-deep water and see a small waterfall.

  • Fossil Passage

Take your time to visit this location, because this is the best thing you can do and immediately feel an extraordinary experience here. You can also feel the cool water and also see the fossils in this water.

  • Doline Line – Watch a Dinosaur

Prepare yourself to visit this location from January to March. Weather effects and also the sun’s orbit makes this place feel like being in another world.

There are also 450m high cliffs from top to bottom which form a large opening between the cliffs and you will find natural light from the sun which makes your view in another nature and suitable for those of you who want to capture moments here.

  • Doline line – 2 Garden of Edam

Once you are at Doline 1, try walking for 30 minutes to find an ancient forest that has many species around it.

You can also find a 200 m deep cliff in Doline 2 cave. After you visit Doline 1, you can also do impressive trekking with various extraordinary views here.

  • Cave Pearls

Don’t be surprised if you will see a cave surrounded by a pearl naturally without man-made. This is a natural miracle that occurs from an ordinary calcium carbonate then forms an unnatural shape and decorates this cave.

This cave pearl is indeed priceless, but if you let this pearl be taken out or exposed to sunlight it will look clear. It’s magical, isn’t it?

Son Doong Cave
Son Doong Cave
  • The Great Wall of Vietnam

The discovery cave in Hang Son Doong is the largest natural cave in the world and this has become a center for world travelers who have a hobby of rock climbing and exploration.

Until now, what is behind the stalagmites of this large cave has not been discovered. Be the ultimate traveler who visits this incredible cave to get real experiences and stories inside this cave.


Explore endless worlds if you are very detailed and like a unique and adrenaline-pumping experience to find out. Hang Son Doong Vietnam is a tourist destination that you must visit.

A vacation to Vietnam is one of the locations that you must visit besides historical life, but Vietnam also has a variety of extraordinary natural attractions and you will be amazed if you are here.

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