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glass bottom bridge Vietnam

Glass Bottom Bridge Vietnam [Must Visit- Updated]

The longest glass bridge in the world is in Vietnam and has been claimed too. This glass bridge has a length of about 632 meters and is located in Son La.

This is also a bridge that has exceeded the length and width of the existing bridges in China. The unique fact is called Bach Long which comes from the Vietnamese language and means White Dragon.

Bottom Bridge Vietnam, which is made of tempered glass, was originally made in France and can take 450 people in one go. So if you want to visit this place at a busy time, you have to queue and be patient.

Now we will provide some information if you want to go there, here you go.

Bach long glass bottom bridge
Bach long glass-bottom bridge

Where is The Glass Bottom Bridge in Vietnam?

The glass bridge in Vietnam has a length of 632 meters and a hanging height of 150 meters. The bridge is right above the wilderness. In fact, the unique fact is that the bridge in Vietnam beats the bridge in China, located in Guandong, which has 526 meters.

The location is in Bach Long which is located on the Moc Chau Island tour. When you visit, you will feel a strange but interesting and certainly beautiful experience. not only enjoy the scenery and get the adrenaline pumping, but you can also see some natural beauty such as mountain peaks and valleys that make your eyes and experience amazing.

One other surprise for tourists and visitors who spend the night around the Moc Chau area can see the colorful lights along the bridge.

glass bottom bridge bach long
glass bottom bridge bach long

Where is the world’s longest glass Bottom bridge located?

The location is definitely in Vietnam. This glass bridge has broken a world record in mid-2022. You can visit this place while you are in Vietnam.

Guinness World Records has also decided that the longest glass bridge in the world goes to Vietnam. Do you dare to try it? at least if you are in Vietnam take the time to visit this location.

You will also be surprised to see the original name of this glass bridge, the manager gave it the name Bach Long which means white dragon.

Besides the tourists who come, they want to feel the sensation of walking on glass that is 526 meters long and made of tempered glass from France.

You will be amazed when you look down because it is made of glass, and you can see clearly the flow of the river below.

Tourists are required to use the double footwear that has been provided when you want to test your guts on this glass bridge.

glass bottom bridge
glass bottom bridge

How much does it cost for a ticket to Glass Bottom Bridge?

Not only walking on the glass bridge, but you can do several other activities around the tourist spot. Here we will notify you of detailed related information.

The ticket price is divided into 3 parts

all prices it cost $6.09

  1. Single Plank Bridge
  2. Swing Person
  3. Zipline Person

By paying a ticket for that price, you will see clearly the beautiful scenery of nature and if you visit during cold weather, this will be decorated with fog that covers the bridge.

Of course, the results of the photos and also the experience are sure to impress. You can also take part in other activities, such as Bungee, Zipline, and trekking. Click here for details.

glass bottom bridge - Bach long
glass bottom bridge – Bach long


When you want to visit this location, you should order online. Because it will make it easier for you if you want to go there and you will be sent a barcode to enter there.

Also, make sure you bring cash because not many tourist attractions can make transactions using a card. It is better to confirm the D-1 ticket before departure.

If you go there during the rainy season, bring a raincoat or other rain protection, and make sure you also bring enough drinking water.

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