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Cibinong City Mall Has Everything- Your Ultimate Destination [Fully Updated for 2024]

Cibinong City Mall Has Everything – Your Ultimate Destination [Fully Updated for 2024]. One mall where you can find everything you need. Yep, that’s right! That’s the nickname of Cibinong City Mall, which is currently undergoing rapid development and experiencing lots of positive changes, attracting many visitors.

Known as one of the most comprehensive malls in the Cibinong area, it offers a diverse range of retail options, hosts various events, and boasts a wide selection of restaurants suitable for everyone from small children to families and even those looking for a cozy hangout spots with loved ones. You’ll find a variety of cuisines here, including Indonesian, Asian, and Western food. Plus, Cibinong City Mall now offers direct access to Harris Hotel & Convention Cibinong City Mall Bogor. It’s incredible how quickly Cibinong City Mall is evolving, isn’t it?

Keep reading for more information about Cibinong City Mall Has Everything, guaranteed to make you feel right at home spending time in this vibrant mall.

Where is Cibinong City Mall located?

Don’t worry if you’re planning to visit Cibinong City Mall from areas outside Bogor by private vehicle. You can take the Citeureup Toll Gate 1. The location of Cibinong City Mall is strategically positioned, ensuring easy access for visitors. You can also opt for the commuterline, with the last stop being at Bojong Gede Station, connected to Ojek Online services.

For those residing in the Cibinong or Bogor area, simply hop on an online motorcycle taxi or use your private vehicle (motorbike). You can also find detailed directions on the map provided below.

Which Retailers are The Most Visited?

Come explore the vibrant array of stores at this mall! From Croco By Monsieurspoon’s delectable croissants to Uniqlo‘s trendy clothing selections, there’s something for everyone. Craving ramen? Don’t miss Ramen Sheirock-Ya, Ultramen or indulge in a variety of culinary delights at KKV, Kidzlandia, The Palace, Platinum Grill, Sushi Tei, D’Cost, Magal, and Steak 21. Plus, at the Cibinong City Mall branch, there’s even a karaoke spot! And if you haven’t experienced it yet, dive into the immersive Blackbox Holiday Multiverse exhibition running until May 27, 2024, where creativity knows no bounds.

But wait, there’s more! Beyond the mentioned attractions, there are numerous other retailers awaiting your discovery. Worried about parking? Fear not! Our expanded parking area ensures a hassle-free visit. Plus, our facilities are meticulously maintained for your comfort and convenience.

Indeed, every Tuesday at 5 pm, we kick off Poundfit activities! These sessions at Cibinong City Mall are packed with positivity and benefits for all. Join us and feel the energy! So why just wonder when you can wander? Come on over and experience it all firsthand!

If you’re a mall aficionado, fret not! Everything you need is conveniently housed under one roof at Cibinong City Mall. No need to hop from one mall to another; it’s all here!

Fore Coffee: A serene and cozy coffee spot perfect for remote work or simply unwinding. With reasonable prices, it’s a go-to for any coffee enthusiast.

Fore CCM 2 - Subburn.com

Croco by Monsieurspoon: Croco offers a plethora of croissants and milk coffees in a welcoming atmosphere. Whether you’re grabbing a quick snack or settling in for a meal with friends, Croco’s got you covered.

Cibinong City Mall Has Everything - Croco - Subburn.com

Sushi Tei: Sushi lovers, rejoice! Satisfy your cravings with delectable dishes at Sushi Tei, all at affordable prices. With plenty of options to choose from, it’s a must-visit for any sushi enthusiast.

Cibinong City Mall Has Everything - Sushi Tei - Subburn.com

Uniqlo: Seekers of stylish yet affordable clothing, look no further than Uniqlo. From minimalist designs to quality goods, you’ll find everything you need to elevate your wardrobe.

CCM 2 Has Everything - Uniqlo - Subburn.com

KKV: Whether you’re in need of office supplies, skin care products, imported snacks, or simply craving noodles, KKV has you covered.

Cibinong City Mall Has Everything - KKV - Subburn.com

Kidzlandia: If you’re wondering where to take your children for a fun day out, look no further than Cibinong City Mall 2! It’s the perfect spot to spend your weekend together, with a variety of playgrounds to choose from.

Kidzania - Subburn.com

Sheirock Ya: Calling all ramen lovers! Rest assured, the ramen here is packed with delicious flavor, making Sheirock’s offerings truly unmatched.

Cibinong City Mall Has Everything - Sheirock Ya - Subburn.com

The Palace: Planning a special surprise for your loved ones? Look no further! The Palace offers a stunning selection of guaranteed jewelry.

The Palace CCM 2- Subburn.com

Steak 21: Indulge in the undeniable goodness of Steak 21 at Cibinong City Mall 2. No need to venture far; enjoy the sensation of savoring steak while singing your heart out.

CCM 2 Has Everything - Steak 21 - Subburn.com

XXI: Who doesn’t enjoy a movie on the big screen? Especially when shared with loved ones or family.

XXI Cibinong City Mall Has Everything - Subburn.com

Golden Hotpot & Grill by Golden Lamian: Calling all food lovers! Treat yourself to an Eat All You Can Eat experience with a wide array of menu options and broth choices. Plus, don’t miss out on the variety of chili sauces available to spice up your meal.

Cibinong City Mall Has Everything - Golden Lamian Hot Pot - Subburn.com

Are There Any Hotels at Cibinong City Mall?

Absolutely! Look no further than the Harris Hotel & Convention at Cibinong City Mall Bogor. No need to venture far for a rejuvenating staycation; here, hotel and mall access seamlessly come together. After a day of activities at the mall, unwind at the Harris Hotel, boasting complete facilities for your comfort.

The Harris Hotel features 11 floors with 219 rooms, including a spacious ballroom spanning approximately 1,500 square meters with a capacity to host up to 1,500 people. Positioned as an upper-middle-class hotel in the Cibinong area, it offers facilities that rival those of other hotels in the vicinity.

Final Thoughts

Keep a lookout on Cibinong City Mall’s social media channels! In addition to our fantastic lineup of retail and tenants, you’ll discover enticing promotions and exciting events that are definitely worth your while. Stay tuned for updates—you won’t want to miss out!

Rest assured, Cibinong City Mall has everything you need! Beyond enjoying your time at the mall, why not extend your stay and enjoy a holiday with your family? With endless opportunities for fun, you’re sure to have a memorable day.

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