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Recommended Place - New Year in Bali 2024 on Budget - subburn.com

Best Places – New Year in Bali on Budget [2024]

Recommended Place: New Year in Bali 2024 on budget. How will 2023 pass? Happy, sad, confused, struggling, and other things, you will definitely have all the wheels of life this year, right?

It’s time to let go of negative things and start a new journey to go on holiday to the Island of the Gods, Bali, and celebrate the new year 2024 in Bali, or check here to celebrate a romantic dinner with your partner.

Recommended Place - New Year in Bali 2024 on Budget - subburn.com

Where should I go for New Year’s Eve in Bali?

Do you already have plans for New Year’s celebrations in Bali? We have made a recommended list for those of you who are looking for an end-of-year celebration that will create a holiday and also a happy moment while you are in Bali. Here are the places we recommend. We also give the best-recommended activities to do sunset dinner in Bali. If you need a complete guide in Bali with extra discount here.

Beach in Kuta – Bali

The beach tourist area has always been the main destination for many tourists to see the fireworks celebrations on New Year. Kuta Beach has always been a beach sought after by local and foreign tourists. Apart from its strategic location, Kuta Beach has many bars and restaurants that are open late at night and have live music. This is the Recommended Place – New Year in Bali 2024 on Budget.

Recommended Place - New Year in Bali 2024 on Budget - subburn.com

Just sitting on the beach area or just bringing snacks and drinks while watching the fireworks with friends or a group or with your partner is quite impressive. You can also stay at one of the tourist favorite resorts in the Seminyak area, which is located quite far away.

Garuda Wisnu Kencana

GWK, or Garuda Wisnu Kencana, is a magnificent, large statue icon in this area that has various activities when you want to celebrate New Year in Bali. You need to know the following detailed information:

Recommended Place - Garuda Wisnu Kencana - subburn.com

Operational Hours: 9 am – 9 pm (new year time will be adjusted)

Ticket Price: IDR250,000 – IDR700,000

Performance: Local Band Music Concert

Savaya Bali – Beach Club

Lovers of music, dance, and also the lively activities around you can visit Savaya Bali. The budget is cheap, but you can come here occasionally to celebrate New Year in Bali with your partner. And this event will start on 29 – 30 December 2023.

Recommended Place - New Year in Bali 2024 - subburn.com

Operational Hours: 1 pm – till late

Ticket Price: Starting from IDR750,000 – IDR1,500,000

Performance: International DJs and parties

Shi-Shi Nightclub Bali

Still with the recommendation for Balinese New Year, this nightclub with the Izakaya Lounge and Nightclub theme is one of the best places to celebrate the New Year. The location is very strategic.

New Year in Bali 2024 - subburn.com

Operational Hours: 6 pm – Till late.

Ticket Price: All You Can Eat IDR199,000 – IDR230,000

Kedungu Beach

Only a few people know the location of this beach, Kedungu Beach or Love Beach, which is located in Tabanan. The location is quite far from the busy center of the city. Still, here, several restaurant areas are a place for local and foreign residents with an outdoor area concept to enjoy the beautiful sunset and also lots of photo spots for those of you who really want to take photos. This is the recommended Place – New Year in Bali 2024 on Budget.

New Year in Bali 2024 - subburn.com

Operational Hours: 24 hours

Ticket Price: IDR 5,000 (Parking fee)

La Plancha

Seeing the colorful umbrellas on the beach makes tourists want to enjoy the La Plancha area today. While enjoying food, roasted corn, coconut, and beer or cocktails, this is the best time for you to come to La Plancha in the Seminyak area.

La Plancha - new year in bali 2024 - subburn.com

Operational Hours: 24 hours

Ticket Price: IDR 5,000 (Parking fee)

Berawa Beach

Visit Berawa Beach if you want to see fireworks, and you can also relax in simplicity on the beach and can see fireworks. This is where Berawa Beach will provide fireworks shows from various directions. Because most fireworks will be held near the beach and everyone will be able to see them. Go to Berawa Beach is the recommended Place – New Year in Bali 2024 on a Budget.

New Year in Bali  2024 - Berawa beach - subburn.com

Operational Hours: 24 hours

Ticket Price: IDR 5,000 (Parking fee)

Petitenget Beach

Planning for the end of the year with a certain budget is indeed an option, one of which is going to Petitenget Beach in Batu Belig. This is also a plan that you can try during the New Year, and you only pay the parking fee. Many beachside restaurant areas provide various types of food or drinks.

New Year in Bali 2024 Petitenget - subburn.com

Operational Hours: 24 hours

Ticket Price: IDR 5,000 (Parking fee)

Time Beach Warung

Time Beach Warung is strategically located and flanked by the best beach clubs in Bali. Now, this restaurant is introducing several attractive promotions and activities that are no less exciting, such as watching the waves on the beach, sitting on a beanbag and enjoying a glass of coconut water, beer cocktails and mocktails.

time beach warung - subburn.com.jpg

Operational Hours: Open Daily 6 am – 10 pm

Ticket Price: IDR 2,000 – 5,000 (Parking fee)

How much do New Year’s Eve Parties Cost in Bali?

Celebrate the New Year in Bali. If you spend it at a beach club restaurant or you want to celebrate in an open area, and there is no minimum spend, you can do everything in Bali at a low price, and you only need to pay parking fees.

If you spend time somewhere expensive, of course, you will spend a minimum of IDR 1,000,000 or around US$ 90 – 110.

Where should I go for New Years Eve in Bali?

Pulau Bali menawarkan berbagai acara menarik untuk kamu yang ingin merayakannya pada pergantian tahun 2023 ke 2024. Berikut akan kami berikan rekomendasi tempat terbaik untuk merayakan tahun baru 2024 di Bali.

Finns Beach Club

Prepare for your New Year’s Eve party at Finns Beach Club, which will feature music events with DJ Fatboy Slim, KIT0, Jax Jones, and others. This party is now open for those who want to buy tickets or make reservations in advance. Do not miss it!

Atlas Beach Club

Atlas Beach Club, dubbed the biggest club in the Canggu area, is hosting a significant event featuring Martin Garrix as the main headliner. This New Year’s Eve event will kick off at 12 noon on December 31st. Get ready to enjoy the DJ music you desire and prepare to spice things up!

Como Uma Canggu

Boasting a calm atmosphere, this club will enliven New Year’s celebrations with excitement through the Believe in Magic concept. Not only is the concept extraordinary, but magic awaits you at this club to witness the breathtaking natural beauty.

Café del Mar Beach Club Bali

Get ready to experience the best night of the year when you are in Bali. Cafe del Mar will offer the best music program featuring rhythms from KUNGS, This Girl, PNNY, and Patrix Johnson. All clubs in Bali will host music events, DJs, and various other activities. Hurry up and celebrate with your loved ones and family while on holiday in Bali.

Hard Rock Hotel Bali

Hard Rock Hotel Bali will be no less exciting and will host a New Year’s event to enliven the atmosphere with joy. The hotel will feature extraordinary dinner events, including planetary cocktails, pool parties, dancers, neon lights, and live DJ music to enhance the overall experience.

As the New Year approaches, the event will transition to the pool area, and this party will have a space theme with a neon light show featuring planets and stars. Get ready to enjoy the show!

Is it OK to go to Bali in December?

In 2023 in Bali, the weather has been sweltering lately, and there has been no rain. Occasionally, it rains, but it is not like the rainy season in the previous year. Now, you can enjoy the Island of the Gods with joy, especially if you plan a holiday and spend the year’s end in Bali with your loved ones or family.

Celebrating the year’s end in Bali in 2023 is quite recommended because of the low rainfall.

Where is best for new year?

Not only in Indonesia, Bali also has a thunderous New Year celebration. But you can celebrate New Year in Sydney with fireworks in the harbour. Likewise, in New York City, it is known as Times Square, then in Rio de Janeiro, you will be amazed by the white view on Copacabana beach, then celebrate in Edinburgh with a busy street atmosphere.

Apart from that, you have also started to book plane tickets or hotels in the future, because prices will increase and you will also pay a lot of money. Also, choose a strategic place, because there will be traffic jams, so save time waiting for traffic jams.

Final Thoughts

Planning a trip while you are in Bali for certain things is natural, but avoid getting trapped by expensive prices that are not worth what you pay. Therefore, we have made a list of recommended places that are suitable for those of you who don’t want to spend a lot of money.

You also visit Ubud, which has unique activities such as the Ubud Ayung Spa, Spa Kamandalu Resort Ubud. If you are planning to spend your holiday with looking best spa in Bali, you may also check here.

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