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Bawah Reserve and Elang – Honeymoon Resort [Updated 2024].

Bawah Reserve and Elang – Honeymoon Resort [Updated 2024]. Are you planning a vacation with your partner, family, friends, or workcation? Under the reserve is the vacation spot you’ve been looking for all this time.

Before we jump into this article, this place is one private island experience that no one else can replace. Share this article with your loved ones, friends, groups, or family. Read more below.

How to Get to Bawah Reserve?

The essence of the journey to the Bawah Reserve is by land or an Amphibious aircraft available from Bawah Reserve. You can find accommodation from Hang Nadim Airport in Batam, Indonesia, which is easily accessible from either Jakarta or Singapore.

This inn provides a private seaplane specifically for guests who come to this place.

It would be best if you also had to pay attention to the weather, flying hours, and also transportation in Indonesia change. Please check periodically for accommodation. There are also ferry trips, but the accommodation facilities in the Bawah Reserve inn always provide comfort and safety for future guests.

Transport Package Fee

The price for round-trip transportation from Batam to Bawah is around US$ 800 per person. However, tourists from Singapore to Bawah Resort will be charged a fee of around US$950. The fee includes other services, such as a ferry terminal for delivery to Batam, cars, and fast passport clearance for foreign tourists.

Bawah Reserve Transport
Bawah Reserve Transport

From Jakarta

The journey to the location can be started from Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. Soekarno Hatta International Airport. If you come from Bali, you fly to Jakarta and then to Batam, Hang Nadim, which takes 1 hour. Then after arriving in Batam will board the Amphibious private plane.

From Singapore

Travel from Singapore will be delivered from home to Changi International Airport. Then from Changi International Airport will fly directly to Batam, Hang Nadim. After you arrive in Batam, you will be picked up by one of the teams and provided with a luxury car. Amphibi private plane trip takes 4.5 hours.

This exciting trip will take about 4.5 hours. Then on return, you will be given the same facilities as on departure.

Where is Bawah Reserve?

The Bawah Reserve is located on the Anambas Islands, a private island of natural beauty, and this resort is right on the water’s edge, with luxury villas and facilities. They were making guests feel like they were vacationing on a private island. This Bawah Resort is one of the luxury resorts that pampers guests with all the available facilities, such as snorkelling, spa, diving, kayaking, and other activities.

Guests will also feel comfortable with the scenery around here, which is perfect for spending time with loved ones.

How Much Does Bawah Reserve Cost?

Rooms are available at prices that are commensurate with the facilities and very satisfying service. Please check the image below for price details.

Bawah Reserve price

The above price includes existing facilities such as:

  • Daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Water and land activities
  • Daily Aura spa treatments
  • Daily Aura movement classes
  • Resort-wide WiFi
  • Laundry service
  • Room tax and service charge
  • No hidden charges

Instagram : Bawah Reserve and Elang

Official Website: Bawah Reserve and Elang

Bawah Reserve
Bawah Reserve

What to Do in Bawah Reserve Indonesia?

There are lots of activities you can do while you are staying here. Of course, it will always be exciting, and you will always try new things around the inn. The following is a list that we have summarized in several available activities.

Scuba Diving

Even though only a few people know about this island, it is the first person to visit a private island with much beautiful marine life when they try scuba diving here. Safety is guaranteed to be safe, and some guides already have a license.

Also, you can check here if you want to do Scuba Diving in Indonesia.


After enjoying the beauty at night after a tiring day’s activities, you can enjoy stargazing with loved ones, friends, or family. You can also ask for special requests such as having a romantic dinner with the beauty of nature, eating with friends or family, or just enjoying the beauty of nature.


This activity is almost the same as Scuba diving, activities in the water. Enjoying the beauty of marine life is like swimming without cover to the seabed. You can also feed the fish directly when you snorkel.


This activity is fascinating when done in the morning or before sunset. Kayaking is also done with two people or alone. But don’t worry. If you go kayaking, the guide will always accompany you.

Daily Spa Treatment

There is no need to pay extra for this Spa Treatment because this inn includes spa services daily. It is relaxing the body with a new atmosphere and enjoying vacation time by pampering it.

Daily Movement Classes

A movement expert carries out this activity. Usually, if you go with a group or family, you can take this class daily during your stay. This activity is carried out to clear the mood and mind or restore the enjoyment that is around.


This activity is perfect for a honeymoon with loved ones. Sailing is usually done with many people or just the two of you. This activity is also romantic for celebrating a honeymoon or anniversary with loved ones.

Standup Paddleboarding

Do you want to explore the island? Try this activity alone or in pairs. You can enjoy this in the morning, or you can also do it in the afternoon. Enjoy the beauty of the sea around you while spending your vacation time standup paddleboarding.

Starlight Cinema

Suitable for those of you who are the type of movie enthusiast, you can also get this activity here to spend the evening watching your favorite movies after dinner or relaxing.


Not only water activities, but here also provides activities for trekking around the island, which a guide will guide. This activity is usually done in the morning. Very nice trip and experience to try trekking.

Is that worth staying at Bawah Reserve and Elang?

The answer is definitely yes. When else will you feel the beauty, richness of nature, and comfort in lodging here? Take a moment to vacation with family, friends, or groups, or explore the beauty here. This inn is also perfect for relieving stress from the hustle and bustle of the capital city or the country where you are.

Bawah Reserve and Elang
Bawah Reserve and Elang

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